Kiss the Night Goodbye by Keri Arthur

Nikki & Michael, Book 4


Nikki James is just an ordinary, risk-taking, psychically inclined private eye until she hooks up with Michael Kelly. Now she is something more: one of the few, the chosen, the magic-wielding undercover operatives of the Damask Circle, an organization protecting humanity from a rising tide of evil. She wants nothing more than to pass the Circle’s strict entry exams so she can get on with the business of planning her wedding to Michael. But she quickly realizes that buying a wedding dress is the least of her worries.

One hundred years ago, Michael Kelly hunted down and killed the sorcerer responsible for murdering his lover. Now the brother of that man is out for revenge, and he intends to destroy all that Michael holds dear in the process. When Michael is kidnapped, the trail leads Nikki to a dusty ghost town surrounded by a potent magical barrier, leaving her to battle a madman alone with only her wits, strength, and the one psychic gift she cannot fully control. And to make matters even worse, Michael no longer seems to remember who she is

Review: And here is the final book in the Nikki and Michael series. Finally, I do not really know if this is THE last volume but for the moment it is in any case the only remaining. I loved the whole series and I was curious to see what would happen now. A whole new life now begins for Nikki and Jake and I was curious to learn more about the Circle after all we had heard about.

So as I said Nikki is finally part of the circle, but firstly she has to pass some tests, something that stresses at the highest point. Yet thanks to her determination, she succeeds like no others. This could be a good thing, and Nikki might have had the chance to organize her wedding now if not a detail she had not taken into account, the desire for revenge of a man. In fact, the brother of a wizard that Michael killed many years previously decides that his time had come. And for that, he kidnaps our beloved vampire during a mission and enclosed him in a town to reproduce past events to resurrect his brother. But to make it a success, Michael must be in the same condition as he was a century ago, when he met for the first time Seline, and he did not know Nikki. Of course, to save him, Nikki is ready for anything and goes there under the shape that Seline had and tries to re-seduce her lover to make him understand the truth. All this will only be more complicated than expected …

Nikki begins to gradually accept her nature and sees the extent of her powers gradually. Whatever happens, she is still as determined to save him and be a part of his life. It’s really cute to see them together like this, yet it is also quite sad to see that he does not recognize her. In this city, however, Michael feels that “Seline” is hiding something, and he discovers that there is more throughout the story. Moreover, we see a whole new side of Michael, harder, but also more open in a way. Much more happens and he opens himself to Nikki and reveals a part of his past, when he had never done so. I loved to learn more about him and this allows us to understand why he has trouble with his condition and why he is afraid for the life of the young woman.

It was a great book and I hope that one day Keri Arthur will return back to this series and continue it even if the book does not end on a cliffy, I ‘m sure a lot of things could still happen . Of course, if everything stops here, we also have a very good final and I enjoyed reading the four volumes present. I recommend the series but it’s far from all the other series that I discovered from this author.



7 thoughts on “Kiss the Night Goodbye by Keri Arthur

  1. I was supposed to read this with a blogger bud but I never got around to reading it. I haven’t read any of her books and from y’alls reviews about this series, it sounds really solid. I’m so tempted to just chuck my tours and binge on books that I want to read for a change.

  2. I’ve been hearing good things about Keri Arthur. It sounds like a really good series. I like that the ending is satisfying but it couls still continue so whatever the author decides to do – stop or continue – it would be fine 🙂

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