Grimm Consequences by Kate Serine

Transplanted Tales, Book 1.5

Synopsis:You reap what you sow…

Saying Nate Grimm has a dark past is an understatement. Fortunately, no one’s bothered to look too closely at the Fairytale Management Authority’s lead detective and part-time Reaper. And that’s the way Nate wants to keep it. For after centuries of torment and loneliness, he’s finally found happiness with the hot and hard-charging love of his life, Tess “Red” Little.

Of course, his love for Tess is the reason there’s a posse of Reaper judges after him, led by a sadistic bastard acquainted with Nate from once upon a time. Now, Tess will pay the price for Nate’s transgressions unless Nate severs his ties to the transplanted Tales–and Tess–forever. His enemy has the advantage in speed, malice and brutality. But the Reapers have underestimated the depth of Nate’s love and devotion. And the fury of his wrath. . .

Review: Nobody knows how to rewrite tales like Kate Serine and it is true that I fell in love with Red. So you can understand my joy when I learned that the author was going to release a novella, featuring my fave characters Red and Nate! I was really looking forward to discover the story and to learn more about the two heroes. Moreover, although the volume is released this month, the story starts at the end of the first one and we can see what the two characters have endured to get to stay together.

We thus find our little couple, but this time from the Nate’s perspective. It was really interesting to find both of them, especially knowing that this is my favorite couple of the series. But it is true that at the end of the first volume, we can’t imagine the consequences of what Nate did, and I must say that there are a lot of them. It is also in this context that a judge appears, to punish our dear Reaper… However, the punishment could be worse than expected and Nate isn’t the only one at stake now but also those close to him. This judge is twisted and has a crazy mind. He is ready to do anything to make pay our hero and he knows about his weak point.

I enjoyed this story because in addition to see my two favorite characters, we also have the chance to learn more about the Nate’s past and I confess that I did not expect that at all. Everything was really good and it was a great surprise to find out as much about him. A new tale character is staged, and I’ll let you discover him, and of course, there are all the characters that we have come to appreciate for our greatest pleasure. A new very good novel that I can only warn you to read, Kate Serine always manages to take us into her world populated by characters we love.



23 thoughts on “Grimm Consequences by Kate Serine

  1. I started Red a while back, but got uber busy so I had to abandon it to do my other reading for publishers etc. Now I am way behind on this series. Great review! I know this is quite a popular series.

    I shall have to make time to revisit Red. I was about half way through. But with blogging if you don’t go all the way first time, chances are it fades into the background of a mountain of books that are on the horizon 😀


  2. I’ve been tempted to start this series after reading so many glowing reviews for RED. The new spin on old tales writing style appeals to me too. It’s rare that I come across novellas that earn 5-stars, so… Yup, adding ’em to the pile. Thanks!

  3. I heard so many great things about Red! I do love books with a male POV and this couple seems to have a lot of shippers so I just need to check them out.

    I’m definitely adding that on my TBR and wishlist. Great review!

  4. I absolutely adored the others in the series so I’m going to have to check this novella out – the only downside is that it will probably make waiting for the next full size book really hard.

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