No Escape by Mary Burton

Texas Rangers, Book 1

Synopsis: He Was Taught How To Kill

Even behind bars, serial killer Harvey Day Smith exudes menace. Psychologist Jolene Granger has agreed to hear his dying confession, vowing not to let the monster inside her head. And Harvey has secrets to share—about bodies that were never found, and about the apprentice who is continuing his grisly work…

And Now He’ll Teach Them

He buries his victims alive the way his mentor Harvey did, relishing their final screams as the earth rains down. And as one last gift to the only father he knew, he’ll make the most perfect kill of all.

How To Die

Everything about this investigation is unnerving Jo, from Harvey’s fascination with her to the fact that she’s working alongside Texas Ranger Brody Winchester, her ex-husband. Harvey’s protégé is growing bolder and more vicious every day. And soon the trail of shallow graves will lead them to the last place Jo expected, and to the most terrifying truth of all…

Review: It’s the first book I read from Mary Burton but I always enjoy a good romance mixed with mystery, especially when the two are intertwined as perfectly.

Jo is a pretty renowned psychologist who tries to move forward and forget her troubled past. Yet an event that will change everything … When Ranger Brody appears after their divorce 14 years ago, it is not expected that the woman he married has changed a lot. But his coming is professional, not personal, and when he says he wants her to meet a serial killer who wants to confess his last murders before dying, the young woman can not refuse to help him. Yet the visit to the penitentiary will completely change the life of Jolene, when Harvey manages to get into her mind and make her doubt many things. It could be anything, but it seems that Jo is in a story completely beyond her and she only understands the truth gradually over the chapters. In addition, she will have to work with Brody, which will complicate things very quickly. But can they be friends?

I was really sad for Jo and her history with this Ranger. We can well understand her sadness over her relationship with Brody and the difficulty she has to forgive him. He acted very badly at times when she needed him most, and it is now very difficult for her to see him back into her life. Brody has changed a lot during those 14 years and realizes that what he did was wrong, yet he also knows that Jo would be perfect for him, but it’s easier said than done. Especially when he realizes that the young woman seems to attract many dangerous people. But it is also quite touching to see them together, to see them succumb again but for different reasons, to see that they are trying to do the best.

I was also very intrigued to discover the killer in this story, this child adopted by a killer who became one himself thereafter. Admittedly, there are concerns of a large number of players throughout the chapters. We believe in each of the theories of the characters and I admit that I was quite surprised at the end of history when we learn who the real culprit is. It was a very well-conducted plot, with a nice tension between the characters and I had a great time with the whole. We also learn a lot about the past of the young woman, hidden family secrets that will affect their lives.



20 thoughts on “No Escape by Mary Burton

  1. The premise seems a little like Silence of the Lambs. The whole buried alive thing is so creepy! *shudders* Sounds like it has a good romance though. The whole characters with a past thing is hard to pull off. I love a good twist, I’m glad this book was able to surprise you. Nice review. 🙂

  2. Oh god this one gave me the creeps I read the synopsis. This one sounds like a good psychological thriller and I can’t remember the last time I read one so i’m definitely adding this one to my TBR!

  3. In my days of reading (and writing, unsuccessfully!) romance, I read zero stories with divorced couples as the love story. I always thought that was a fascinating background for a story, though! I think because couples in romance novels are usually in their 20s and therefore not old enough to really have been divorced!

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