Going Under by Jeffe Kennedy

Falling Under, Book 1

Synopsis: Knowing all too well the damage online trolls can inflict, game designer Emily Bartwell takes privacy seriously. Living in solitude and working remotely under a male alias gives her a sense of security. The sexy writer renting the house next door ignites desires she’d forgotten she had, and when he invites her to play games of a very different sort, Em is ready and willing. Even if it means breaking all her own rules to abide by his.

Undercover tech reporter Fox Mullins is so close to the biggest scoop of his career: finding the elusive programmer Phoenix. An increasingly erotic adventure with his reserved but passionate new neighbor is the ideal way to heat up the chilly Pacific Northwest nights as he tracks the brilliant gamer.

At first Fox is happy to help Em explore her newly awakened kinky side, no holds barred, no strings attached. But as they push the limits of intimacy, both physical and emotional, Fox discovers he’s not the only one keeping secrets. And revealing hers may mean betraying the one woman who embodies everything he desires.

Review: I’m not a big fan of BDSM or erotic books so it’s true that I tend more often to stay away from them … but now, Carien loves everything related to Jeffe Kennedy’s novels and when she asked me if I wanted to read this one, I admit that I was curious to see how it was. Yes, I could finally get into a complete novel of the author and I was anxious to see how it was and I must say that I finally had a good time, it was different from what I thought.

We discover in this story Emily, a young woman who fled her life after it turned to disaster. Indeed, our heroine is a programmer of video games, yet women are not very accepted in this area and she had paid the price … I’m not going to tell you her story because it’s really worth to discover it but since then, Emily has changed her identity and now works in anonymity while everyone thinks she’s a man, but that’s how she establishes her success. Yet it is not easy either, she must cover her rear at all times, has built a completely different nature from what she really is and tries to live her life without anyone interested in her. She manages pretty well despite the conditions until an undercover reporter appears on her island to discover the identity of the legendary Pheonix who designs all these great games. But like everyone else he is convinced that he is a man.

I admit I was quite carried away by the idea. I have not read many books featuring a geek and yes it was very interesting to see that kind of staging. Moreover, it is also nice to finally have a good plot in addition to the story that binds the two characters. But this relationship is of course important and it was touching to see Emily opening to a man after all she had been through and to understand that the idea of the person she presents is not enough. Her solitude and routine are disrupted but our heroes are a good catch together. Their romance begins with difficulty, by hesitations, games and more. The BDSM side is not unpleasant, but it is written in a way that we do not necessarily stop on what is happening, saying that it goes too far or tiring us. It was a pleasant read where we see two people opening to each other even if it’s difficult, we also see the status of women in some fields and we are finally carried away by all the events. Yes, it was a great find and I admit that I am curious to see what happens in the second novel.




31 thoughts on “Going Under by Jeffe Kennedy

  1. I’m glad you gave it a go, it’s amazing when you try something different from your usual reads and find they work so well 🙂 Hope you’re going to have a great time with the second one!

  2. I’m with you. I don’t hate BDSM, but I’m very picky and critical with it. You can cross the line SO easily with it and it becomes very rapey. Looks like it isn’t the case here and it might be a BDSM I would enjoy as well. Hm… that last sentence isn’t quite right… LOL

  3. I don’t read erotic very often. Well, extremely rare, but one here or there does make it’s way on my list. I have heard this author is wonderful. Glad you liked it. 🙂

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