Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

The Others, Book 5

Synopsis: After a human uprising was brutally put down by the Elders—a primitive and lethal form of the Others—the few cities left under human control are far-flung. And the people within them now know to fear the no-man’s-land beyond their borders—and the darkness…

As some communities struggle to rebuild, Lakeside Courtyard has emerged relatively unscathed, though Simon Wolfgard, its wolf shifter leader, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn must work with the human pack to maintain the fragile peace. But all their efforts are threatened when Lieutenant Montgomery’s shady brother arrives, looking for a free ride and easy pickings.

With the humans on guard against one of their own, tensions rise, drawing the attention of the Elders, who are curious about the effect such an insignificant predator can have on a pack. But Meg knows the dangers, for she has seen in the cards how it will all end—with her standing beside a grave

Review: Here is a series that I adore and I was really impatient to be able to immerse myself in a new Meg Corbyn volume. I did not realize that it was the last novel in the series while waiting for the spin off but it does not change my feeling about it. I wondered how this volume was going to be staged when we see that the previous one was divided between the different cassandra sangue. But then, we finally return to the original format by mainly following Meg & Simon, which was really very pleasant.

Peace gradually returns after the extermination of the movement against the Others. But the fear inspired by this attack and its repercussions are in everyone’s minds. A question remains “how many humans will they keep?” … while the Elders monitor the Lakeside Courtyard to try to understand the best way to handle future conflicts and newly available cities … But That’s when CJ, the detested brother of Monty arrives in town to enjoy the benefits of the Lakeside Courtyard, the troubles begin again and will only intensify from there. Indeed, after deceiving his sister who only wants the love of her brother, CJ is determined to make money on the back of these monsters. You will tell me that Simon or any other inhabitant has only to ask for him to leave the city, and yet despite his desire, the Elders have decided that they want to understand why humans do not want the presence of one of theirs and they therefore want to understand how they can differentiate the good persons from the bad ones to avoid killing everyone. And yet it is very difficult to accept when Meg’s security is compromised by this unscrupulous man who does not accept to be restricted and tries to take advantage of any situations, even if illegal ones. Yes, this volume revolves around this new arrival, the involvement of new humans in the community, the repopulation of certain cities, and of course Meg and Simon.

I spent once again a great time with the story, the characters evolve as well as their relationships. We discover some new interactions with the Elders and we wait to see what will happen exactly now. I was carried away by the story and the characters as for each novel and although I am a little sad to conclude my story with Meg and Simon, the author presents us a beautiful touching ending. I still have some questions, notably about the evolution of the relationship between Simon and Meg, about the decisions of the elders, but also about all the other prophets who adapt little by little to their new life. Yes, there are still many tracks to follow and I really wonder what we will discover later. In any case, it was a brilliant novel, impossible to put down before finishing it, a new very good story that will delight the fans of the series.




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  1. I can’t wait to dig into this one, yet I am sad the series is going to end. Still I hear there is a spinoff in the works, so more from this world to come. Glad that you loved it even if there are many tracks left undone.

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