Brimstone by Cherie Priest

Synopsis: In the trenches of Europe during the Great War, Tomas Cordero operated a weapon more devastating than any gun: a flame projector that doused the enemy in liquid fire. Having left the battlefield a shattered man, he comes home to find yet more tragedy for in his absence, his wife has died of the flu. Haunted by memories of the woman he loved and the atrocities he perpetrated, Tomas dreams of fire and finds himself setting match to flame when awake….

Alice Dartle is a talented clairvoyant living among others who share her gifts in the community of Cassadaga, Florida. She too dreams of fire, knowing her nightmares are connected to the shell-shocked war veteran and widower. And she believes she can bring peace to him and his wife s spirit.

But the inferno that threatens to consume Tomas and Alice was set ablaze centuries ago by someone whose hatred transcended death itself….

Review: I always appreciate a good novel by Cherie Priest and after having a good time with some of her previous ones, I was really curious to discover this new story! Yet I must admit that it was not necessarily what I expected.

We discover Alice and Tomas two characters who have never met and yet they are linked in dreams. Indeed, Alice has a quite exacerbated gift of clairvoyance that she tries to master by joining a group of people like her. On the other side, we follow Tomas Cordera, a man shattered by war and who tries to continue to live despite the death of his wife while he was away from home. But it seems that he has changed and as soon as he falls asleep he dreams of fire, which he also seems to ignite without desire. It started with small fires, until a disaster occurred and Tomas decides to do something. Yet, acting might well free an entity much more dangerous than he would have thought.

I was expecting a lot from this story but I finally did not manage to get into it. It was also complicated to connect with Alice or Tomas. This is not a bad book but I just did not succeed in joining or getting into the narrative perspective. Perhaps it will be different for you, but I will wait for my part with curiosity the next other novels of the author without keeping a memorable memory of this one.




21 thoughts on “Brimstone by Cherie Priest

  1. Confession. I started this one and had to put it to the side because the style of writing just wasnt working for me. The only other book I’ve read by her was Family Plot, which I loved. I keep thinking I should pick this one back up and try again, but seeing your negative review isn’t motivating me.

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