The Italian’s New Year Marriage Wish by Sarah Morgan

Brides of Penhally Bay, Book 2

Synopsis: Dr. Avanti claims his bride

As the snow falls gently on the Cornish streets, Amy Avanti summons up her courage and opens the door to Penhally Bay Surgery, knowing it will take her back to another life where she was adoringly in love with her husband–and now she’s back to finally set him free.

But sexy Italian Dr. Marco Avanti simply wants her back by his side, saving lives by day, making love by night. Marco’s never stopped loving Amy, and he’s going to find out what is causing the shadows under his darling wife’s eyes. With the New Year approaching they are going to make a new beginning–and make their marriage magical again.

Review: I discovered Sarah Morgan recently and I admit that I had a great time with her novel. I was therefore very curious to read more about this author. The Italian’s New Year Marriage Wish came out a few years ago in French and if I’ve never heard of it, I was happy to see the re-release of this story.

Amy fled the city of Penhally Bay a few years ago and she hoped never to return. That would have been the case if her husband had been kind enough to answer her letters when she asked him for a divorce. Marco does not know why his wife left him overnight and when he finds her in town, he is determined to understand what happened and even to win Amy back if it is still possible! Yes, because he is convinced that she does not tell him the whole truth.

I enjoyed the story even though I quickly suspected Amy’s secret so it was not really a big revelation. I had a good time with all the characters from elsewhere and it was a nice read if you want a light romance. What embarrassed me a little is the ease of the heroine to finally tell everyone her secret while it was impossible for her to talk about it at first. I admit that I had a little trouble reconciling the two aspects. But there are other points that are a bit too easy for me. Yet I still had a very pleasant time and the author’s fluid writing allows us to immerse ourselves and finish the story quickly.

As I said it was a nice romance and I admit that I am all the more curious to read more about the author!



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