Beneath a Darkening Moon by Keri Arthur

Ripple Creek Werewolf, Book 2

Synopsis: Savannah Grant still harbors deep secrets and carries emotional scars from a love affair gone bad many years ago. She has tried to bury her heartbreak in her job as chief ranger of the Ripple Creek werewolf reservation. But now someone is murdering humans on her turf, and the pattern matches a series of deaths she witnessed a decade ago: the same year that she met—and lost—the love of her life.

The murderer seems to have risen from the grave. Then Savannah’s old love appears. Cade Jones is an Interspecies Investigation Squad officer, determined to catch the killer he let slip through his grasp once before—in part because of a bewitching young werewolf. Now, as moon heat reignites their desire for each other, Savannah and Cade are forced to come to terms with long-buried secrets—not only to stop a monster from killing again . . . but to give their promise to the moon one more chance.

Review: You all know that I read all the novels by Keri Arthur with pleasure. I had kept this one for some time (since my reading of Volume 1 a few years ago), and I was waiting for the right moment to start it! I really enjoyed the previous novel and I was curious to follow Neva’s sister this time!

Savannah always keeps in her the pain of the man she loved several years ago. She had found herself at the center of a series of murders and believed that she had found love with the man who was investigating it until she realized that she was only a pawn to find the killer. But now, years later, being a ranger, she is witnessing new murders that are strangely similar to those that happened before. How is it possible while the culprit is dead for a long time? The problem is that these events also revive a pain she thought was buried and feelings she thought forgotten when Cade, her former lover, arrives in town to investigate the case.

The relationship between Cade and Savannah is quite tumultuous. They do not trust each other and are suspicious of the other, while having feelings that they can not handle well. But now, their old promise forces them to try to understand what is happening. Will Cade trust Sav to see if their relationship can go beyond a mere obligation? Our two heroes will have to manage all the consequences of their past while trying to catch the killer before there are more victims!

It was a good new story and I was delighted to find Neva from time to time in the story, as well as some other characters! I am always pleased with Keri Arthur’s novels.



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  1. I have a few of those series that I love the author’s writing so much that I want to hold off reading a book because I want to savor it slowly.
    Sounds like some really exciting things going on in this one.

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