Secret Lives by Sierra Dean

Secret McQueen, Book 9

Synopsis: She’s tackling her demons in the City of Angels.

Secret McQueen has been many things in her life: head of the Vampire Tribunal, werewolf queen twice over, bounty hunter, fighter, lover. She’s been the hunter and the hunted. Hell, she even died once.

One thing she never thought she’d be, however, was a normal human. Because “normal” was never a word to apply to her.

Now, Secret’s a former vampire/werewolf-hybrid living in a human’s body. She continues to answer the call of the supernatural, working for an elite FBI special unit designed to help the general public accept the existence of the creatures that used to only be found in nightmares. She’s happily married to the man of her dreams.

But when her old vampire mentor Sig goes missing, and her former beau Holden Chancery comes calling for help, Secret will be pulled out of her new sunny existence and sent back into the nightlife she once knew so well.

She’ll find herself asking if there’s any room for humanity in a world full of monsters.

And she might find there’s more than a little monster left in her, still.

Review: The series had ended a few years ago on Volume 8. We had a real end and I loved it a lot. Besides, I really liked this series, and I had a great time with each volume. Also, I was curious to see what the author was going to propose. It is very rare for an author to return to a finished series and I did not know what to expect.

Secret is no longer at home, she is no longer living with Desmond, but she is now working in the City of Angels in a special FBI unit to deal with the supernatural creatures that are now out in the open. She does not want to go home, and yet when Holden comes to ask for her help because Sig is gone, she does not hesitate to go back to investigate and to try to find her mentor.

I was very happy to find the characters in the series and follow them for a new story. And Harold, the demon? I loved him. However, at the same time I felt that it was not the ones I had come to know. I did not necessarily understand, knowing how she was, that she decided to live in another city and especially far from Desmond. Their link is only through phone calls. No, I did not find my characters or their natures and I was a little sad. But I think it may be difficult to start on something like this and I feel that it is rather a transition volume. This is also why I am curious to see what the author will propose later. But it’s true that I was a little destabilized …

15 thoughts on “Secret Lives by Sierra Dean

  1. Oh yeah, that would be an iffy thing to return to a series that already had a good finish, but then to also have the characters split apart like that. Glad you enjoyed reuniting with some favorite characters.

  2. This one sounds like it has a lot going on! First of all, her name is Secret? Is there a reason for that? Secondly, she’s been a vampire or just on the vampire tribunal? If she’s a vampire, doesn’t that conflict with being the queen of the werewolves? Twice? Lol!

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  3. OK I haven’t read more than the first book in this series, although I’ve read lots of reviews (because Julie read them all) but this does sound like quite a big twist. I thought the series was complete and now it is beginning again? Anne – Books of My Heart

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