Bad Karma by David Safier

Synopsis: This debut novel follows the trials and tribulations of Kim Karlsen, a television personality whose career obsession brings her some serious cosmic repercussions. In her quest to dominate the airwaves, Kim cheats on her husband, neglects her daughter, and mistreats her staff. It all seems worth it when she wins the biggest German Television Award, but sadly on the very same night she is crushed to death by debris falling from a Russian space station….At the gates of Heaven, Kim is informed that she has collected too much bad karma in her life, and has a long road of atonement ahead. Reincarnation as an ant teaches her a few lessons in humility, ad she experiences life as a guinea pig and as a beagle before regaining human form just in time to sabotage the marriage of her husband to her back-stabbing best friend.

Review: I saw this novel pass on some blogs and it is true that I was curious to read it. Then the cover is really fun too!

This is an unique story that David Safier presents to us here, and more precisely the life of Kim Lange after her death. Rather interested in her work than her family, Kim has accumulated a lot of bad karma. That’s why that after her death she will be reincarnated as an ant … To say that she does not like it, would be an understatement but she will have to try to take on her, to help others so that after her death, she becomes something more imposing. Yes, because although Kim is dead, she is still tied to her old life, she can not bear to see her daughter grow up without her, let alone see her old best friend trying to steal her husband.

We will follow Kim in a crazy adventure, as she climbs or tumbles down the stairs of death hoping to interact with her family. We understand her desires and at the same time we hope that she will understand that she needs to move forward. It was an interesting and different reading and I was curious to see what would happen to the young woman. And I must say that I was really surprised by the end of the story because I did not expect it at all! Yes, I found it surprising that the author chose this route because I was expecting something completely different and at the same time I am happy for Kim.

This novel was a very nice discovery. The chapters are very short and I read it quickly. I saw that there was another novel on the same theme but with different characters, so I’m pretty curious to see how it will be.



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