Of Flame and Fate by Cecy Robson (+Giveaway)

Weird Girls, Book 8

Synopsis: Taran Wird, who commands the power to wield fire and lightning, is an oddity in the supernatural world. But neither Taran nor her unique sisters compare to the bizarre entity known as Destiny. And Taran is assigned to protect her.

Born of two witches, Destiny is revered among the supernatural elite for her acute ability to predict the future. Her biggest prophecy involves Taran’s sister, Celia, whom Destiny decreed will bear children strong enough to take on the evil that’s rising. Yet Destiny is not alone in her predictions, or individuality.

When Johnny Fate, a rock star among humans and a male version of Destiny is discovered, his powers and Destiny’s clash, triggering the start of Destiny’s demise and altering the fate of Celia’s unborn children.

Taran, her werewolf lover Gemini, and their allies must determine if it’s Fate who will decide what will become of Celia’s children, or if their lives and the world will perish with Destiny.

Review: As always, I was very curious to discover the continuation of the adventures of our three sisters! Once again, we find Taran for a new adventure.

Now that Geminy and Taran have reconciled, other problems arise. The young woman is ready to do anything to help Celia, and even to put herself in compromising and dangerous situations. Alas, the enemies are getting closer and closer, and everyone will have to be on the alert to thwart their plans. In addition, another problem presents itself in the form of Johnny Fate. It would seem that there is a man version of Destiny and now that they have met, they can not coexist together. Unfortunately, it is Destiny’s turn to sink little by little and with them the prophecies about the Celia’s children.

I had a good time with the story and it is true that I was very curious to see how the enemies were going to act, as well as their identity. Conflicts and tensions are swelling and the danger is becoming increasingly closer. Taran and Geminy try to make their relationship work and to make compromises and move forward, while Celia tries hard to get her pregnancy to term. Meanwhile, there is also an evolution of character of Emme and I confess that I can not wait to read a novel from her point of view!

It was a very nice new volume mainly focused on Destiny and Fate and it was interesting to learn more about them. I’m curious to see what the author will do for the rest of us!




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Of Flame and Fate de Cecy Robson (VO)

Weird Girls, Tome 8

Résumé (traduction personnelle) : Taran Wird, qui commande le pouvoir de brandir le feu et les éclairs, est une bizarrerie dans le monde surnaturel. Mais ni Taran ni ses sœurs uniques sont comparables à l’entité étrange appelée Destiny. Et Taran est chargée de la protéger.

Née de deux sorcières, Destiny est vénérée parmi l’élite surnaturelle pour sa capacité aiguë à prédire l’avenir. Sa plus grande prophétie implique la soeur de Taran, Celia, pour laquelle elle a décrété qu’elle aura des enfants assez forts pour éliminer le mal qui monte. Pourtant Destiny n’est pas seule dans ses prédictions, ou son individualité.

Lorsque Johnny Fate, une étoile de rock parmi les humains et une version masculine de Destiny est découverte, ses pouvoirs et ceux de Destiny s’affrontent, déclenchant le début de la disparition de Destiny et modifiant le destin des enfants à naître de Celia.

Taran, son amant loup-garou, Geminy, et leurs alliés doivent déterminer si c’est Fate qui décidera de ce qui deviendra des enfants de Celia, ou si leur vie et le monde périront avec Destiny.

Avis : Comme toujours j’étais très curieuse de découvrir la suite des aventures de nos trois sœurs ! Une fois de plus, nous retrouvons Taran pour une nouvelle aventure.

Maintenant que Geminy et Taran se sont réconciliés, d’autres problèmes se présentent. La jeune femme est prête à tout pour aider Celia, voire même à se mettre dans des situations compromettantes et dangereuses. Hélas, les ennemis se rapprochent de plus en plus, et tout le monde va devoir être aux aguets pour déjouer leurs plans. De plus, un autre problème se présente sous la forme de Johnny Fate. Il semblerait en effet qu’il existe une version homme de Destiny et que maintenant qu’ils se sont rencontrés, ils ne peuvent coexister ensemble. Malheureusement, c’est au tour de Destiny de sombrer petit à petit et avec elles les prophéties sur les enfants de Celia.

J’ai passé un bon moment avec l’histoire et c’est vrai que j’étais très curieuse de voir comment les ennemis allaient agir, ainsi que leur identité. Les conflits et les tensions gonflent et on sent le danger qui se rapproche de plus en plus. Taran et Geminy essaient de se rapprocher et font des compromis pour avancer, tandis que Celia essaie tant bien que mal de mener sa grossesse à terme. Pendant ce temps-là, on observe aussi une évolution de personnage d’Emme et j’avoue que j’ai hâte de pouvoir lire un roman de son point de vue !

C’était un nouveau tome très agréable principalement centré sur Destiny et Fate et c’était intéressant d’en apprendre plus à leur sujet. Je suis curieuse de voir ce que l’auteure nous réserve pour la suite !



Blog tour: Of Flame and Light by Cecy Robson (giveaway)

Weird Girls, Book 7

Synopsis: Taran Wird holds the unique ability to conjure fire and lightening. She is mated to Gemini, Second in Command to the Squaw Valley Pack of the Lake Tahoe Region, and the sole werewolf to possess the ability to split into two wolves. And although they are mates, Taran’s insecurities have driven them apart.

Devastated by an injury that left her with a zombie-like limb, Taran struggles to regain command over her magic. But when her arm and her power turn against her, lashing out on those she most loves, she knows she can no longer carry this burden alone. Not that she likes the alternative.

The only way to regain control of her magic is to align and learn from the local coven of witches―the very ones who sought to banish her when she and her three unique sisters first moved to the mystical region. But although Taran is trying, the teachings don’t come easy, and the tasks leave her weak and emotionally shattered.

Yet Taran must learn and learn fast. Time is running out. The fire she once mastered so easily has become her greatest adversary and is now slowly burning her alive . . .

Review: I was surprised with the previous volume when I realized that we were returning back in time. It’s always a bit tricky because it’s a complicated to put and understand exactly where we are in the history of the characters. But with this novel, the flashbacks are over and we can find more adventures of our heroines while following Taran.

This is not necessarily easy for the woman since she lost her arm, but when this loss coincides with the departure of Gemini, it only gets more complicated. Indeed, she can not act as if everything was normal as her arm seems to take life once in a while and uses the magic of the young woman while wounding people around her. No, Taran can no longer ignore this problem and the only alternative, which doesn’t enchant her, remains to ally with the witches to try to dominate her power with them and to learn how to control herself. Unfortunately, her patience will be put to test when she understands that Gemini works with them and it seems that he has a relationship with Vieve, the person in charge of the place. Yet despite all the good will of the world and her desire to succeed to avoid unpleasant situations in which she finds herself, magic seems much more complicated to manage than she thought. But when in addition, a witch is on the run and trying to create zombies to take power, all our heroes will try to join forces to face this new threat. It is in this context that Taran will meet Alice, a zombie who will become her familiar and follows therefore her home. I admit that I had a soft spot for this character who is innocent and touching in her own way. Well she loses some members from time to time around the house but how not to love her? You’ll have to discover her! But our heroine will have to manage a large number of problems here (poor girl) and it’s true that I was curious to see how everything was going to work out when we see all the problems.

It was a very good volume again and I was delighted to find all the characters I’ve come to appreciate. It’s nice to finally see Celia and Aric have their relationship even if ultimately they still have a few concerns. It was a delight to follow Taran and I admit that I am curious to find out what will happen to all the other characters! Yes it was a very good novel again and I am eager to find out more!



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Of Flame and Light de Cecy Robson (VO)

Weird Girls, Tome 7

Résumé (traduction personnelle) : Taran Wird détient la capacité unique d’invoquer le feu et la foudre. Elle s’est liée à Gemini, commandant en second de la meute Squaw Valley de la région du Lake Tahoe, et le seul loup-garou à posséder la capacité de se scinder en deux loups. Et bien qu’ils soient des âmes soeurs, les insécurités de Taran l’ont chassées.

Dévasté par une blessure qui l’a laissée avec un membre zombie, Taran lutte pour reprendre le contrôle de sa magie. Mais quand son bras et son pouvoir se retournent contre elle, touchant ceux qu’elle aime le plus, elle sait qu’elle ne peut plus porter ce fardeau seule. Non pas qu’elle aime l’alternative.

La seule façon de reprendre le contrôle de sa magie est de faire partie du couvent des sorcières et d’apprendre avec elles –celles-là mêmes qui cherchaient à la bannir quand elle et ses trois sœurs uniques ont emménagé dans la région mystique. Mais, bien que Taran essaye, les enseignements ne viennent pas facilement, et les tâches la laissent faible et brisée émotionnellement.

Pourtant, Taran doit apprendre et apprendre vite. Le temps s’écoule. Le feu qu’elle maîtrisait si facilement est devenu son plus grand adversaire et la brûle maintenant lentement…

Avis : J’avais été surprise avec le tome précédent quand j’ai réalisé que nous revenions en arrière dans le temps. C’est toujours un peu délicat parce que c’est un peu compliqué de se replacer et de comprendre exactement où on en est dans l’histoire des personnages. Mais avec ce roman, les retours en arrière sont finis et nous pouvons retrouver la suite des aventures de nos héroïnes tout en suivant Taran.

Ce n’est pas forcément facile pour la jeune femme depuis qu’elle a perdu son bras, mais quand en plus cette perte coïncide avec le départ de Gemini, tout ne fait que se compliquer. En effet, elle ne peut plus agir comme si tout était normal alors que son bras semble prendre vie seul et utiliser la magie de la jeune femme tout en blessant les gens qui l’entourent. Non, Taran ne peut plus ignorer ce problème et la seule alternative, qui ne l’enchante d’ailleurs guère, reste de s’allier avec les sorcières pour essayer de dominer son pouvoir et d’apprendre avec elles comment se contrôler. Hélas, sa patience sera mise à rude épreuve quand elle comprendra que Gemini travaille avec elles et qu’il semblerait qu’il ait une relation avec Viève, la responsable du lieu. Pourtant, malgré toute la bonne volonté du monde et son désir de réussir pour échapper aux situations désagréables dans lesquelles elle se retrouve, la magie semble bien plus compliquée à gérer qu’elle ne le pensait. Mais quand en plus, une sorcière est en cavale et essaie de créer des zombies pour prendre le pouvoir, tous nos héros vont essayer d’unir leur force pour affronter ce nouveau danger. C’est dans ce contexte que Taran va rencontrer Alice, une zombie qui voudra, sans que l’on ne sache pourquoi, devenir le familier de la jeune femme et la suivre chez elle. J’avoue que j’ai eu un petit faible pour ce personnage qui est attendrissante et innocente à sa propre manière. Bon le fait qu’elle perde des membres de temps en temps est embêtant mais comment de pas l’aimer ? Il faudra que vous la découvriez ! Mais notre héroïne va devoir gérer un grand nombre de problèmes ici (la pauvre) et c’est vrai que j’étais curieuse de voir comment tout allait pouvoir s’arranger quand on voit tous les problèmes.

C’était à nouveau un très bon tome et j’étais ravie de retrouver tous les personnages que j’ai appris à apprécier. C’est agréable de voir Celia et Aric avoir enfin leur relation même si finalement ils ont toujours quelques petites inquiétudes. C’était un régal de suivre Taran et j’avoue que je suis curieuse de découvrir ce qu’il va arriver à tous les autres personnages ! Oui c’était un très bon roman une fois de plus et je suis impatiente d’en découvrir plus !



Of Flame and Promise by Cecy Robson

Weird Girls, Book 6

Synopsis: Cursed by a spell meant to destroy them, Taran Wird and her sisters instead developed unique magical talents. With the power of fire and lightning literally at her fingertips, Taran doesn’t fear much. Demons, vamps, whatever—bring ’em on! Only one thing terrifies her: commitment.

Taran is crazy about her boyfriend, Gemini, a sexy were with the incredible ability to split into two separate wolves. But after watching her sister go through heartbreak with the pack’s Alpha, Taran knows not to count on happily ever after—despite Gemini’s desire to claim her as his mate. Reluctantly, she agrees to meet his very traditional and conservative parents. Taran’s a badass with a mouth to match, and Gemini loves her for it. She’s just not positive these attributes will please Mom and Dad.

Unsurprisingly, every attempt by Taran to bond with Gemini’s folks proves disastrous. But in the end, Taran finds that winning them over means unleashing her powers . . . and proving that this foul-mouthed fire-starter is a force to be reckoned with.

Review: I loved the first part of the series starring Celia Wird and it is true that it’s sad to leave her behind. Yet without finishing the series, the author had decided to make a new volume featuring another sister and we find Taran this time.

I admit that I was very surprised when I started the story because I expected this volume to follow the previous one concluding Celia’s life but it’s not exactly the case. In fact we rather go back in time, when our old heroine lived with Misha, far from Aric, and while Emme was filling the perfect love and when Taran was trying to deal with her relationship with Gemini. It’s something very delicate as the woman does not believe that she can really be happy in the future, especially when she sees her sister’s relationship with the alpha… In fact she thinks it will be the same for her. But now, Gemini wants her to meet his parents and to finally claim her to really make her in the eyes of the werewolves.

I enjoyed this story, it was nice to follow another sister, especially when you really appreciate the series. I was a little disappointed to go back in time but I admit that it was a pleasure to see the universe and the characters we love so much. The novel itself is not as long as the others, but we have a good plot full of new problems and demons that our main characters are going to hunt.

Yes, it was once again a pleasant reading and I wonder what the author will then present us for these sisters that we love and which we still hope to see more about!




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Of Flame and Promise de Cecy Robson (VO)

Weird Girls, Tome 6

Résumé (traduction personnelle) : Maudites par un sort destiné à les détruire, Taran Wird et ses sœurs ont développé à la place des talents magiques uniques. Avec la puissance de feu et de la foudre, littéralement au bout de ses doigts, Taran ne craint pas grand-chose. Démons, vampires, quels qu’ils soient – amenez-les! Une seule chose l’effraie: l’engagement.

Taran est folle de son petit ami, Gemini, un loup-garou sexy avec l’incroyable capacité à se diviser en deux loups différents. Mais après avoir vu sa sœur avoir le cœur brisé par l’Alpha de la meute, Taran ne compte plus sur happily ever after – malgré la volonté de Gemini à la réclamer âme soeur. À contrecœur, elle accepte de rencontrer ses parents très traditionnels et conservateurs. Taran est une dure à cuire qui dit ce qu’elle pense, et c’est pour cela que Gemini l’aime. Elle n’a tout simplement pas ces choses qui plairont à maman et papa.

Sans surprise, toute tentative par Taran  pour se lier avec les proches de Gemini est désastreuse. Mais à la fin, Taran estime que gagner leur cœur signifie déchaîner ses pouvoirs. . . et prouver que cette bouche est une force sur laquelle il faut compter.

Avis : J’ai adoré la partie de la série mettant en scène Celia Wird et c’est vrai que la laisser derrière restait un évènement assez triste. Pourtant, sans finir la série, l’auteure a décidé de faire un nouveau tome mettant en scène une autre des sœurs et nous retrouvons cette fois-ci Taran.

J’avoue que j’ai été très surprise quand j’ai commencé l’histoire parce que je m’attendais à ce que ce tome-là fasse suite au tome précédent concluant la vie de Celia mais ce n’est pas exactement le cas. En fait on revient plutôt en arrière, alors que notre ancienne héroïne habite avec Misha, loin d’Aric, qu’Emme file toujours le parfait amour et que donc Taran essaie de faire face à sa relation avec Gemini. C’est quelque chose de très délicat, la jeune femme n’arrive pas à croire qu’elle pourra être réellement heureuse dans le futur, notamment quand elle voit la relation de sa sœur avec l’alpha et c’est très difficile pour elle d’avoir confiance en l’avenir. Mais voilà, Gemini veut lui faire rencontrer ses parents et la faire céder pour enfin la faire vraiment sienne aux yeux des loups-garous.

J’ai bien aimé cette histoire, c’était agréable de suivre une autre sœur, notamment quand on apprécie énormément la série. J’ai été un peu déçue de revenir en arrière je l’avoue mais c’était un plaisir de retrouver l’univers et les personnages que l’on aime tant. Le roman en lui-même n’est pas aussi long que les autres mais on a une bonne intrigue complète avec bien sûr de nouveaux problèmes et des démons que nos personnages principaux vont devoir chasser.

Oui c’était une fois encore une lecture agréable et je me demande ce que l’auteur nous présentera ensuite par rapport à ces sœurs que l’on adore et dont on espère encore en voir plus !



Deleted Scene: Weird Girls by Cecy Robson (giveaway)

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Many of my Weird Girls fans know that my master vampire, Misha, and Celia (golden tigress and main protagonist) share a very close friendship bond. What many don’t know is that in the original draft of the first novel, that initial connection was a marriage bond created as a result of Celia biting Misha during a one night.

This bond didn’t make the final cut of the original novel, Sealed with a Curse, because my editor at the time felt that Celia shouldn’t be bonded to two men. To preface the never-before scene below, Celia is convinced she’s married. Let’s just say, she’s not happy.


I called Misha and he agreed to meet me alone at a nearby coffee shop. I was already sitting when he came in. Hank and Tim, his dutiful bodyguards, waited outside for him.

Several women and even some men turned to look at Misha as he passed the row of tables. I couldn’t blame them; it should be illegal to look that good. His hair lay loose against his shoulders and blond strands framed his face. A black turtle neck clung to his lean muscular frame and charcoal slacks no doubt hugged his fine ass. He gave me a look and a smile that made my happy place ache. My mind began to wander to last night’s events. I bit the inside of my cheek in order to focus.

“You look lovely, Celia.”

I didn’t, but he got a few points for making an effort. He bent down to kiss me and I practically fell off my chair avoiding him. He chuckled, but didn’t push and sat down.

“I had a great time last night, you were so sexy,” he purred. “No one has ever wrapped themselves so tightly around my—

“Yes, about that,” I interrupted as my groin began to throb. “I was really drunk and I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Oh believe me, you did. You were amazing, especially for someone with so little experience. Had I been human I would have needed ointment for my—

“I meant the biting you part.” I was trying to will my pulsating parts to stop. “I didn’t know what it meant to your kind. I lost control and I’m truly sorry.”

He looked at me, slightly surprised. Then comprehension lit his eyes. His face turned a deadly calm as he spoke his next words. “Do you realize what this means to me? I am a part of you now. You cannot simply refuse me.” He paused and rubbed at his face. “The only way to break the bond that you started is through death.”

Death?” I asked incredulously. “Did you say death? You mean one of us has to die? There’s no other way to reverse this?”

He looked away, took a breath, and turned again to face me, “Perhaps…no, never mind, it is too dangerous.”

“How can it be more dangerous than dying? Tell me how to fix this!”

Misha looked away again. It seemed as if he was fighting to control himself. I thought I angered and embarrassed him. When he turned back, his face was like stone. “Very well, there is one way, but it involves the darkest of magic. Demonic possession and loss of limbs may occur.”

I just stared at him blankly, “Demonic po-possession?”

“Do you want to end this or not?” he snapped.

“Um, yes. Yes, I do. Tell me.”

“There are many steps, and it is rather complicated. Do you have a pen, and something to write on?”

I quickly reached in my purse and pulled out the items. “Go ahead, I’m ready.”

“The spell must be performed on the highest peak we can find, during the next full moon. Perhaps Mount Rainer or the Olympic Mountains will suffice. We will need to gather some herbs…wolfs bane, belladonna, nightshade…”

I was writing feverishly.

“…we will also need a piece of alabaster of the whitest stone you can find.”

“Alabaster, okay, I got it, what else?”

“Lastly, we will need two virgins…and a goat.”

I immediately stopped writing, slowly looking up at him.

He burst out laughing. In fact, he was laughing so hard he was shaking, tears streaking down his face from the force.

“You asshole!” I hissed.

It took a while, but finally, Misha calmed down. He wiped his eyes before he spoke. “I apologize, my love. But I could not help myself. Although I did not drink from you, I have been thinking about it.” He paused. “I actually have been unable to think of anything else.”

“Um,” I said again, since that’s how I rolled.

Sinful hunger replaced any trace of the man who first sat beside me. “You are delicious, my darling Celia,” he rasped. “I can still taste you on my tongue.”

I cleared my throat. I only wished I could also clear my mind of his naked image. “So, are you saying we’re not bonded?”

“Oh no, that’s not what I am saying. On the contrary, the marriage bond was started last night.” He laughed as he took in my expression. “However, it’s still not complete. Although according to our customs you have given me permission to continue, I choose not ingest your essence.”

“All right, good, but…why?” I asked, suddenly feeling a little insulted.

“Celia, I do not want someone, who clearly does not want me. You were willing to risk demonic possession and loss of your limbs in order to avoid marrying me.”

“Good point,” I admit. “What happens though, if―I don’t know―you come across some blood of mine and accidently lick it or something?”

“Are you planning to leave blood around for me to lick?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Okay, that’s a bad example, but you know what I mean. What happens if you change your mind someday and take a bite out of me? Would we then be married?” I asked, mostly hoping he’d tell me no.

“It would bring us one step closer to sealing the marriage bond, yes. However, it would not be finalized without a commitment ceremony.”

“So nothing has to come out of all this?”

“Not unless you want it, too,” he said, his lust-filled stare holding me in place.

Yeah. You might have said I was in trouble then.



Weird Girls, Book 1

Synopsis: Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other 20-something girls—with one tiny exception: they’re products of a backfired curse that has given each of them unique powers that make them, well, weird… The Wird sisters are content to avoid the local vampires, werebeasts, and witches of the Lake Tahoe region—until one of them blows up a vampire in self-defense. Everyone knows vampires aren’t aggressive, and killing one is punishable by death. But soon more bloodlust-fueled attacks occur, and the community wonders: are the vampires of Tahoe cursed with a plague?Celia reluctantly agrees to help Misha, the handsome leader of an infected vampire family. But Aric, the head of the werewolf pack determined to destroy Misha’s family to keep the region safe, warns Celia to stay out of the fight. Caught between two hot alphas, Celia must find a way to please everyone, save everyone, and oh yeah, not lose her heart to the wrong guy—or die a miserable death. Because now that the evil behind the plague knows who Celia is, it’s coming for her and her sisters. This Wird girl has never had it so tough.

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