Torment by Lindsay Anne Kendal (VO)

Bloodlines, Book 2

Synopsis : Keira has been through Hell, literally….. But now she’s back, and stronger than ever!

In this second gripping instalment of the Bloodlines trilogy Keira and her friends – Lily, Lucian, Tyler, Jake and Danny – continue to try and understand their elemental powers, and protect themselves from their enemies, whose ultimate goal is to destroy them.

This time, the stakes are higher – what seems to be a demon rebellion has broken out in hell and the Earth is plunged into chaos. Their problem is, no one – not even Lucifer himself – knows who the rebel leader is. It seems only Keira, her frightened but determined friends, and a new ally – a demon named Eligos – can find out who this person or thing is, why they are suddenly causing so much bloodshed, pain and upset for everyone, and destroy them.

Bloody awesome battles, amazing feats of magic, and a stronger-than-death passion, make for an intoxicating, unforgettable read in this powerfully imagined fantasy…

Melliane’s review : I think when we start this book we only wonder about one thing : What happened to Kiera when she was in Hell? And why didn’t she come back to see her friends when they were so sad about her death?

But Kiera doesn’t want to tell all the story at once, which was certainly a great thing, because we learn a lot of revelations. I think it was my favorite part of the story, and I was also very interested by her trip. Finally learning all the answers to my questions about her change, about Lilith or Lucifer was really nice. I think we can only like these two characters, Lilith is like her daughter. Determined, full of kindness and love, but also categorical when it’s about her own choices. We understand very well why Kiera stayed away from her friends, and in the same time I think it was great for her to be with her family she didn’t know anything about.

It’s quite frustrating in the beginning to see the actions between Eligos and our heroine. Indeed, we know they’re meant to be together and we don’t understand why our little demon keeps pushing her away all the time. I confess we’re very surprised when we know the reason. Yes, I made a lot of hypothesizes but of course I was wrong. Indeed, when we learn the truth we can only be dazed by the choice of Eligos to hide from Kiera. But we’re so happy for them when he understands that it won’t change anything. Seeing them together was very touching and we can only wish for them a bright future. We hope to finally learn the limits about the power of Kiera and what will happen now with all the events she goes through.

I didn’t think Tyler would change like this. When I think I really liked this character in the beginning… I can understand he was jealous about Eligos, but so much? He doesn’t want to assimilate what Kiera tells him, and so he provokes some events I didn’t think he could make. I confess it was something which was very disturbing, I didn’t expect that.

After that, I think the relationship between the characters is quite predictable, but in the same time we’re very happy for all of them. I think it’s the only thing which restraints me, all the feelings and the unspoken.
I’m very curious about the initiator of all of this. All the evidences we learn about, don’t allow us to really know everything, not even the reason. I can’t wait to read the sequel to finally learn the truth and to see how will be this epic fight.

Inessa’s review : The story picks up exactly where we’re left in the Volume 1, i.e. just after the clash with Argyle. So we find Keira, back home after three weeks of absence. Her friends ask themselves lots of questions about her, they want to know what happened to her. She finally tells them that she was in Hell. But as soon as returned, Keira must again face the danger because nothing is finished on the contrary, it’s just the beginning. A war is coming and the worst is that nobody seems to know who’s behind it all.
I enjoyed the first chapters with a flashback. Not only they allow us to know what Keira did during those three weeks she was in Hell but also thanks to them we can better understand the evolution of her relationship with Eligos. Indeed, both have became very close. Then we learn all sorts of information. We discover for example that Keira stayed in Lilith and Lucifer’s palace, that time doesn’t flow the same way there, and so on. We also learn many things about the organization of life in Hell. In fact, Hell is one among the many realms parallel to ours, like Heaven. In this book we are far from the image we usually have of Hell, the author makes an almost idyllic description (I said almost). It’s fairly interesting.
Regarding the characters, I still like the heroine Keira, who is still strong and has a bad temper. Her relationship with Eligos is very beautiful though often punctuated by ups and downs. She can always rely on her best friend Lily, who still supports her against all odds. Tyler, however is more and more annoying! What he does is unforgivable. The other boys, however are more removed, except Danny who is very present in this volume. Who would have thought that his relationship with Keira will evolve that way?
Overall I found this volume is better than the previous one. There are a lot more action, the twists and turns of the plot are numerous (I was surprised more than once!) I also love the change of point of views, even more numerous than in book one.
The novel ends with a final twist that leaves the reader completely speechless! I hope the sequel will be available soon because I confess I’m a little frustrated!

5 thoughts on “Torment by Lindsay Anne Kendal (VO)

  1. Ooh, this sounds like such a cool book! I can’t believe I haven’t read the first one yet! I adore anything that has to do with fantasy, and I LOVE it when writers incorporate popular names like Lilith and Lucifer in their books! It always makes it so much more interesting to read! 🙂

    Awesome review, Melliane! I’m running off to get a copy of book one soon LOL!

  2. @ Mimi Valentine : I really liked it too, it’s always very interesting to know how the author will create these characters. Thank you ! I hope you’ll like it too !

    @ Missie : Oh I think you would love this hell ! except if you have done something really really bad.

    @ Melissa (Books and Things): I tell myself that each time I read your blog lol. I would be curious to know if you like it.

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