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Q: If you had to spend eternity inside the pages of a book which book would you choose and why?
Oh it’s a difficult question. I would love to spend the eternity inside the pages of a book full of magic. I think it’s difficult to not choose the books of our childhood like the Harry Potter or even His Dark Materials series. They’re both amazing and I really enjoy them all.

I think I would say the Twilight Series and The Host because thanks to these books I became a YA book addict, a genre I didn’t know at all before! Of course since I’ve read The Twilight series I found other books I loved but Stephenie Meyer’s novels are still my favorites!


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  1. Yes yes yes yes yes! I was telling someone this week that I would quite happily consent to being obliviated afterwards if I got to spend Christmas at Hogwarts. She said: “how do you know you already haven’t?”


    Harry Potter is PERFECT.

  2. Why haven’t I read Harry Potter yet???? Oh my gosh, I’ve never even watched any of the movies either and I already know I’m going to love the world! Witches and wizards are my favourites! 🙂 And I love Stephanie Meyer’s books too! She’s such an awesome author, no matter what some people say about her! <3

    Awesome answers, you two! We could definitely pick up and move into those worlds together LOL! 😉

  3. I hadn’t seen a His Dark Materials yet, which would be an awesome choice! At least I would enjoy it, I am not so sure about the Twilight thing. I liked the book, but in a true-to-life situation I don’t know if I would, or could like a vamp. I have learned from Urban Fantasy that the moment you start dating someone ‘supernatural’ creepy things start happening.

    Beth ^_^

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