Bad Karma by David Safier

Synopsis: This debut novel follows the trials and tribulations of Kim Karlsen, a television personality whose career obsession brings her some serious cosmic repercussions. In her quest to dominate the airwaves, Kim cheats on her husband, neglects her daughter, and mistreats her staff. It all seems worth it when she wins the biggest German Television Award, but sadly on the very same night she is crushed to death by debris falling from a Russian space station….At the gates of Heaven, Kim is informed that she has collected too much bad karma in her life, and has a long road of atonement ahead. Reincarnation as an ant teaches her a few lessons in humility, ad she experiences life as a guinea pig and as a beagle before regaining human form just in time to sabotage the marriage of her husband to her back-stabbing best friend.

Review: I saw this novel pass on some blogs and it is true that I was curious to read it. Then the cover is really fun too!

This is an unique story that David Safier presents to us here, and more precisely the life of Kim Lange after her death. Rather interested in her work than her family, Kim has accumulated a lot of bad karma. That’s why that after her death she will be reincarnated as an ant … To say that she does not like it, would be an understatement but she will have to try to take on her, to help others so that after her death, she becomes something more imposing. Yes, because although Kim is dead, she is still tied to her old life, she can not bear to see her daughter grow up without her, let alone see her old best friend trying to steal her husband.

We will follow Kim in a crazy adventure, as she climbs or tumbles down the stairs of death hoping to interact with her family. We understand her desires and at the same time we hope that she will understand that she needs to move forward. It was an interesting and different reading and I was curious to see what would happen to the young woman. And I must say that I was really surprised by the end of the story because I did not expect it at all! Yes, I found it surprising that the author chose this route because I was expecting something completely different and at the same time I am happy for Kim.

This novel was a very nice discovery. The chapters are very short and I read it quickly. I saw that there was another novel on the same theme but with different characters, so I’m pretty curious to see how it will be.



Blog Tour: CATASTROPHE QUEEN by Emma Hart


One hot mess. One hot boss. One too many hot encounters…

Catastrophe Queen, an all-new hilarious office romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart is available now!


It’s not you. It’s me.

No, seriously. It is me. Not only does my name literally mean “unfortunate,” but that’s the story of my life.

Everything I touch turns to cr*p. An apartment fire—that I swear I was not responsible for—means I’m living back at home with my s*x-mad parents. Yay, me!

Which is why I need my new job as personal assistant to Cameron Reid to get back on my feet. Three months in this job and I can move back out and, hopefully, remember to turn off my flat iron once in a while.


On paper, my job is easy. Make coffee. Book appointments. Keep everything in order.

Until I walk in on my boss, half-naked, wearing nothing but the kind of tiny white towel that dreams are made of.

Now, nothing is easy—except our mutual attraction. But he’s my boss, and you know what they say about mixing work and pleasure: unless you do p*rn, it’s just not worth it.

Or is it?


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I took my coffee from the counter and scanned the room for an empty table. There wasn’t one, which killed my chances of wasting more time before I went home.

With a sigh, I checked my phone for the time and headed for the door. I was going to end up at home earlier than I’d planned, and I needed to check with my mom to make sure there wasn’t anything kinky happening somewhere in the house.

I’d considered bleaching my eyes enough in the last few weeks, thank you.

I was fairly sure I was safe because my grandfather and great aunt were coming to stay to celebrate Grandpa’s eightieth birthday. It was still a miracle my exhibitionist mother shared DNA with either of them. Unlike her, they were reserved, polite, and didn’t flash their flesh in the hopes of getting out of a speeding ticket.

Really, it was no wonder I was a walking disaster.

I pulled up my messages and clicked on my mom’s name. My thumb was poised to type the burning question of whether or not it was safe to come home when I glanced up.

And saw the car screeching to a stop, mere inches from me.

I screamed and stepped back. My heel caught on the curb, sending me toppling backward, and both my coffee and phone went flying. My cup slammed against the sidewalk, splattering hot liquid everywhere right as I managed to save my phone from certain death by concrete.

My heart was beating so fast it should have exploded, and adrenaline raced through my veins. I gripped my phone against me so tightly that the edges pressed painfully into my skin.

Oh my God.

I’d just almost died.

Maybe slightly dramatic, but I probably wasn’t far wrong. I didn’t even know I’d stepped into the road. When had that happened? Had I really been in that deep into my own little world that I hadn’t even checked for traffic?

Dear God.

How was I still alive?

The back door to the sleek, black car that somehow hadn’t run me over swung open. From my vantage position on the sidewalk, the first thing I saw was a pair of shiny, black shoes attached to legs wearing perfectly-pressed, light gray dress pants.

I dragged my gaze up from the feet, over the door of the perfectly clean car, and stared at the most beautiful man known to humankind.

Thick, dark, wavy hair covered his head, curling over his ears. Lashes the same dark shade of brown framed impossibly bright-blue eyes that regarded me with a mixture of shock and concern, and my ovaries about exploded when he rubbed a large hand over full pink lips and a stubbled, strong jaw.

“Miss—I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”

Scrambling to my feet as he approached me, I tugged down the leg of my pants and grabbed my pursed. “Yes. I mean—it was my fault. I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sorry.”

He let go of the car door, showing broad shoulders and just how well that gray suit was tailored to him, and picked up my coffee cup. “All the same, I think we can share blame. Are you sure you’re not hurt?”

Just my dignity, and by this point, I was running low on it anyway.

I shifted, taking a step back. “I’m fine, really. Thank you.”

“Can I replace your coffee? Give you a ride anyway to apologize?” His expression was so earnest, his concern so genuine that I almost gave in.


I had almost walked into the front of his car, then proceeded to embarrass myself in front of everyone on the street.

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m not far from home.” I clutched my phone and purse straps a little harder. “Again, thank you, but I should be going.”

He nodded as if he understood. “Uh, miss? Did you drop something there?”

My eyes followed the direction Mr. Dreamboat was pointing. On the side of the road, tucked against the curb, was a pair of white, cotton panties with flamingos on them.

My white, cotton panties with flamingos on them.

Swallowing, I met his bright eyes and shook my head. Dear God, please don’t let me blush. “No. I’ve never seen them before.” I backed up a little more. “Thank you for not running me over.”

Mr. Dreamboat grinned, his eyes brightening with his smile. “I’d never be able to forgive myself if I’d been responsible for running over someone as beautiful as you.” He glanced toward my panties, then winked at me.

There was no doubting that I was blushing this time around.

You could fry eggs on my cheeks.

So I did the only thing any self-respecting, twenty-five-year-old woman who’d just almost been run over, tripped, and dropped her dirty panties could do.

I ran.

But only like two blocks, because I was in heels, and I had the fitness levels of a hippo.

Then I grabbed a cab.

About Emma Hart

Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.


She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.


Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.


Yes, really. She’s that sarcastic.


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Appel aux blogueurs – Blog Tour – Comment sauver la peau d’un mort vivant de Hailey Edwards

Aujourd’hui je suis ravie de vous annoncer un tout nouveau blog tour pour le premier tome d’une série d’urban fatansy que j’aime beaucoup et écrit par Hailey Edwards, et dont je suis ravie de voir la traduction en Français ! Comment savauver la peau d’un mort vivant sort le en mars chez MxM Bookmark, dans la collection Infinity !

Qu’est-ce qu’un blog tour ?

Oui parce que c’est la grande question n’est-ce pas ? Cela en accord avec l’auteure et la maison d’édition MxM – Collection Infinity, je propose sur deux semaines prédéfinies, ici du 18 au 29 Mars (vous pourrez choisir la date qui vous convient le mieux), différentes catégories de posts que vous pourrez présenter sur votre blog.

* Promo/extrait du roman : vous recevrez par email un extrait du roman
* Interview de l’auteure (une seule question par blog et la réponse sera traduite) (limitée à 10 en tout)
* Une chronique : vous recevrez un service de presse numérique (limité à 15 en tout ; ils seront envoyés par la maison d’édition de manière à ce que vous ayez un mois pour lire le roman)
* Concours (concours général permettant de faire gagner des exemplaires numériques du roman offerts par la maison d’édition)

Vous recevrez ainsi les détails du post demandé en avance pour que vous puissiez poster sur votre blog. Les services de presse seront envoyés dès qu’ils seront disponibles. Merci de ne remplir qu’une seule demande par blog.

Pour participer, merci de remplir le google form suivant :


Résumé : Grier Woolworth passe ses nuits à parcourir les rues du centre-ville de Savannah pour conter à des touristes des histoires d’âmes perdues et autres tragédies à vous glacer le sang. Exception faite de la crinoline et de l’ombrelle, ce n’est pas le pire des boulots. Et même si le salaire est merdique, les pourboires suffisent à payer les factures d’électricité de son propre manoir hanté, et à approvisionner les placards en Ramens.

Pour une ex-assistante nécromancienne qui se cache parmi les humains, la vie est presque normale. Jusqu’au jour où la société qui a excommunié Grier lui offre une seconde chance d’être davantage qu’une fille ordinaire. Dommage qu’on n’ait pas jugé bon de la prévenir qu’être extraordinaire peut vous faire tuer.

Avertissement : Ce livre raconte l’histoire d’une ex-tôlarde/ex-héritière, qui a une perruche zombie pour animal de compagnie et dont le voisin n’est autre qu’un ex-soldat/ex-béguin. Attention, tous ces ex pourraient bien en cacher d’autres.


Interview – Benedict Jacka + Concours

Bienvenue à Benedict Jacka, l’auteur de la série Alex Verus qui est traduite aux éditions Anne Carrière et dont le tome 4 sort en Février. Merci à lui pour ses réponses.

Welcome to Benedict Jacka, the author of the Alex Verus series. Thanks to him for his answers!

Bienvenue sur Between Dreams and Reality, Pouvez-vous vous présenter en quelques mots ?
Je suis un auteur qui vit à Londres et qui écrit la série Alex Verus. Je fais aussi d’autres choses, mais généralement, si un étranger me connait, c’est à cause de mes livres.

Comment décririez-vous la série Alex Verus ?
C’est une série d’urban fantasy qui se déroule à Londres et ses alentours. La magie est réelle, mais la plupart des gens ne le savent pas, et la société magique est gouvernée par des mages. Alex Verus est un de ces mages, un devin, ce qui veut dire qu’il peut voir le futur à court terme. Ça le rend plus faible que d’autres mages dans un conflit direct, mais plus fort quand il est question de réunir des informations, ce qui a ses avantages et ses désavantages.

Votre série a été traduite en différentes langues, vous y attendiez-vous ?
Non, pas du tout. Après avoir écrit Destinée, le roman a été refusé quatre fois. Alors, non seulement, je ne m’attendais pas à avoir un tel succès, mais je ne pensais même pas être publié un jour. Je n’aurais jamais pu prédire que je serai un jour traduit en Français.

Les Élus va sortir en Février en Français, à quoi peut-on s’attendre ?
Les Élus est le livre où vous découvrirez le passé d’Alex. C’est aussi le livre où ses amis le découvrent, notamment ses parts d’ombre. Certains le prendront bien, et d’autres mal.

Le tome 10, Fallen va sortie en Anglais, combien de romans comptez-vous écrire ?

Quelle est la chose la plus difficile à écrire ?
Généralement, quand je commence à écrire, ça va. La chose la plus dure, c’est de commencer, parce que je dois tout prévoir.

Devez-vous faire beaucoup de recherches pour vos romans ?
Pas tant que ça. Parfois, j’ai une scène à un endroit particulier que je ne me rappelle pas bien, alors j’y vais pour y passer une heure ou deux pour observer les lieux, mais je ne fais pas autant de recherches que des auteurs de non fiction font.

Quel est votre personnage fictif préféré ?
Question difficile. Peut-être Hazel de Watership Down.

Qu’est-ce qui vous plait dans le procédé d’écriture ? Qu’est-ce qui est le plus sympa ?
La chose que j’apprécie le plus c’est l’indépendance. Je peux travailler où et quand je veux, au lieu de devoir aller au bureau tous les jours. Le mauvais côté, c’est que je n’ai pas la sécurité de l’emploi, et je dois poser mes propres règles et quotas, mais c’est un compromis.

Est-ce que vous avez un auteur préféré ? Ou un livre ?
Mon livre préféré est probablement Lord of the Rings de Tolkien, mais mon auteur préféré est sûrement Agatha Christie.

Le monde est sur le point de se terminer, et vous devez assembler votre équipe parfaite pour affronter l’apocalypse avec cinq personnages fictifs, lesquels seraient-ce ?
Je choisirais sûrement un de ces personnages qui ont pleins de pouvoirs, comme Rand de Wheel of Time ou Contessa de Worm, et puis quatre autres personnages avec qui j’aimerais discuter et passer du temps pendant que les dieux gèrent tous les problèmes.

Welcome on Between Dreams and Reality, can you present yourself in a few words?
I’m an author living in London who writes the Alex Verus series. I do quite a few other things, but generally, if a stranger knows anything about me, it’s because of my books.

How would you describe the Alex Verus series?
It’s an urban fantasy series set in and around London. Magic is real but most people don’t know about it, and magical society is ruled by mages. Alex Verus is one such mage, a diviner, which means he can see the short-term future in terms of probabilities. This makes him weaker than other mages in direct conflicts but stronger in terms of gathering information, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

Your series has been translated in different languages, did you expect such a success?
No, not at all! When I wrote Fated, I’d just had four books in a row rejected. So not only was I not expecting it to be a big success, I wasn’t really expecting it to be published at all. I never would have predicted that some day it would be released in French.

Chosen is going to be released in February in French, what can we expect?
Chosen is the book where you find out about Alex’s past. It’s also the book where Alex’s friends find out about his past, including the bad parts. Some of them take it well and some take it badly.

Book 10, Fallen will be released this year in English, how many books do you intend to write?

What’s the hardest thing for you to write?
Usually by the time I start writing I’m fine. The hard part is getting started, because that’s when I have to plan everything out.

Did you need to do a lot of researches for your books?
Not very much. Sometimes I’ll have a scene set in a particular location that I don’t remember very well, so I’ll go there and spend an hour or two looking around, but I don’t have to do the huge amounts of research that nonfiction writers do.

Who is your favorite fictional character?
Tough question. Maybe Hazel from Watership Down.

What about the writing process most appeals to you? What is the most fun?
The most enjoyable thing about it for me is the independence. I can work where and when I want instead of having to go into an office every day. The flip side is that I have no job security and have to set my own rules and quotas, but that’s the trade-off!

Do you have a favorite author? Or a favorite book?
Favourite book is probably Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, but favourite author as a whole is probably Agatha Christie.

The world is about to end and you have to assemble your perfect apocalypse team with five fictional characters – who would that be?
I’d probably pick one of those characters that are ridiculously overpowered, like Rand from the Wheel of Time or Contessa from Worm, and then four other characters that I’d like to talk to and hang out with while the godlike one handles all the problems.

Alex Verus, Tome 3

Résumé : Le don de divination d’Alex Verus a longtemps été le secret le mieux gardé de Londres. Maintenant, tout le monde s’arrache ses services d’enquêteur. Avec son apprentie Luna, il lui reste à faire très attention aux motivations de ses clients. Justement, une très belle femme le supplie d’assurer la sécurité d’un tournoi prestigieux mais ses intentions sont dures à prédire. Et l’imprédictible, c’est la définition d’un cauchemar pour un devin.

Alex Verus est un prodigieux cocktail de fantastique et de thriller. Porté par des personnages complexes et attachants, son intrigue est un concentré d’aventures, de drôlerie et d’émotions. On y retrouve les classiques du genre (bestiaire fantastique, batailles de sortilèges) mais le talent de l’auteur est de combiner tous ces éléments dans un suspense haletant.

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Best Books of 2018

Urban Fantasy

– Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels, 10)- Ilona Andrews
– Persécution (Alex Verus, 3) – Benedict Jacka
– How to Save an Undead Life (Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy, 1) – Hailey Edwards
– How to Claim an Undead Soul (Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy, 2) – Hailey Edwards
– Three Mages and a Margarita (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, 1) – Annette Marie
– Diamond Fire (Hidden Legacy, 3.5) – Ilona Andrews
– Summoned to Thirteenth Grave (Charley Davidson, 13) – Darynda Jones
– Grave Destiny (Alex Craft, 6) – Kalayna Price
– Au service surnaturel de sa majesté (The Checquy Files, 1) – Daniel O’Malley
– Night and Silence (October Daye, 12) – Seanan McGuire

Science Fiction

– Heaven’s Queen (Paradox, 2) – Rachel Bach
– Honor’s Knight (Paradox, 3) – Rachel Bach


– Shades of Shadows (Shades of Magic, 2) – V.E. Schwab
– Shades of Light(Shades of Magic, 3) – V.E. Schwab
– Protect the Prince (Crown of Shards, 2) – Jennifer Estep
– Holy Sister (Book of the Ancestor, 3) – Mark Lawrence
– The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy, 1) – S.A. Chakraborty
– The Kingdom of Copper (The Daevabad Trilogy, 2) – S.A. Chakraborty
– One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers, 2) – Rachel Aaron

Young Adult

– Le Clan des Loups (La Légendes des Quatre, 1) – Cassandra O’Donnell
– Le Clan Des Tigres (La Légendes des Quatre, 2) – Cassandra O’Donnell
– Little Monsters – Kara Thomas
– Dare You to Lie (Hometown Antihero, 1) – Amber Lynn Natusch
– Love, Simon – Becky Albertalli
– Love Letters to the Dead – Ava Dellaira


– 33 Raisons de te Revoir (Te Retrouver, 1) – Alice Kellen
– Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating – Christina Lauren
– Tequila, Tequila – Emma Hart
– The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister – Meghan Quinn
– All Your Perfects – Colleen Hoover
– The Hook-Up Experiment (The Experiment, 1) – Emma Hart
– L’honneur de Preston – Mia Sheridan
– Without Merit – Colleen Hoover


– Nuit sans Fin (Pendergast, 17) – Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child