Lily’s Little Flower Shop by Lisa Darcy

Synopsis: Can life ever be a bed of roses?

When Lily misses out on a well-deserved promotion the day her boyfriend is offered a job overseas, she faces a choice: should she embrace an expat life, or follow her childhood dream and become a florist?

Deciding to follow her heart, she moves to the coast and decides to start again. But fitting into the tight-knit community proves harder than she expected.

As she navigates new friendships, financial worries and the pull of returning to her city life, she learns how flowers can bring her the happiness she’s been looking for.

And when romance appears on the horizon, Lily realises she can’t commit until she reconciles her mistakes.

Can she overcome her past and learn the true meaning of love?

Review: I like light novels and thought this one would fit the bill perfectly.

Lily had it all planned, now she’s waiting for her promotion. But no! Glenn, that incompetent, had it. It’s hard for her, her whole future is in question. So she decides to give it all up. Why not open a flower store like she wanted to do when she was younger? But that would mean leaving Sidney behind, abandoning her partner and her life, and starting from scratch. It’s not going to be easy, though, because she didn’t expect everything to go wrong, to take up so much of her time and money.

I was expecting a little more pace perhaps, because the story drags a bit, but I had a good time. Lily is endearing, and I was waiting to see if she would be able to blossom in this new life, so different from her previous one.

All in all, an enjoyable read.



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