Ghosts of Memories by Barb Hendee

Vampire Memories, Book 5

Synopsis: With her vampire protector Philip Branté and their human companion Wade Sheffield, a former police psychologist, Eleisha Clevon searches the world for isolated vampires — and offers them sanctuary. She wants to provide a home where she can teach them to follow the Four Laws that will protect them and their kind.

But not all vampires want to live by anyone’s rules but their own. Christian Lefevre has been posing a psychic, catering to the upper crust of Seattle society by making contact with their dead loved ones — and leaving his clients faint and weak after each encounter. Now Eleisha must confront the most deadly predator she has ever faced — or lose everything she has fought to protect…

Review: And here it is, the fifth book in the Vampire Memories series by Barb Hendee. We find our group as usual with one more person: Maxim, a character we’ve met in the previous volume. He has changed a lot since they found him and has evolved gradually towards the person he should have been. Of course, he is still very fragile and can’t afford to support Eleisha in her missions.

Wade has discovered the presence of two new vampires in Seattle. Christian is a name that resonates within Philip as a person from his dark past. A person he wants to know and also fears to meet. A vampire he does not remember about but he is far from knowing the determination of his companion who thinks it is her duty to gather all the vampires and help them. So they will go with Wade in Seattle to meet this indicator and his assistant and try to convince them to come and live with them. But not all vampires are nice and lost causes and we can quite see that with this new character. He has a special gift that allows him to defend and handle all those close to him. And when he sees Eleisha for the first time, he is determined to stole her to Philip and take her with him instead of his assistant. And the more we progress in the story the more we understand that the idea is his ultimate goal.

It is quite sad to see how Christian is able to manipulate them all without them noticing it. He is really good at what he does and it will take some time before the others really understand what is happening. Of course, as we have an elder, we also have our dear Julian, determined to stop them all, along with Mary. It’s heartbreaking to see Mary like that, she is so naive throughout the story in the hope of finding her beloved, deceased. I was surprised she does not understand what is happening.

It was nice to discover this novel, it allows us to learn more from the Philip’s past, something we had not yet had the chance to really discover as he keeps things for himself. I was surprised by how the story finished, I did not expect it at all and it is true that I wonder if this volume is the last one of the series. Iwill surely keep an eye on the releases to determine if this is really the case or not.


11 thoughts on “Ghosts of Memories by Barb Hendee

  1. I actually know these authors, I see them each year at Sci-fi fest and always stop by to see them (well, it’s a husband and wife team, but Barb apparently writes this series herself) and they are super nice! But I still haven’t read this series! I have most of their books so I need to get busy and get started on this series!

  2. Oh 5th? Hm… I’m getting more into the vampire part of the genre again. I might have to really look at this series. It doesn’t sound like it has a completely satisfying ending so I hope there is another book out there. Still also sounds like you got involved with the characters. Always a good sign.

  3. This sounds like a really good series that gets deeper and more character driven as you learn more about the characters in the books to come. 5th book though! I have some catching up to do >.<

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