What’s a Witch to Do? by Jennifer Harlow

Synopsis: High Priestess might sound like an ’80s hair band, but its Mona McGregor’s life. She runs the Midnight Magic shop in Goodnight, Virginia, and leads a large coven. She’s also raising two nieces and hasn’t been with a man for fifteen years…until a handsome doctor takes an interest in her. But Mona’s life really heats up when Adam Blue, a sexy werewolf, arrives at her door. Adam informs her that someone wants her dead and he is there to protect her. Hell’s bells! When a demon begins stalking her, Mona has to suspect her coven members, and even her family.
With two handsome men and a determined demon after her, Mona teams up with Adam to find out who really wants her dead . . . and who really wants her.

Review: I must say that I was immediately drawn to the cover even before reading the synopsis. I notice that I’m doing that more and more, and I finally read the summary a few minutes before starting my read. Well at least I kept the surprise of the story. 

Mona is a young quite extraordinary woman who finds herself with more responsibilities than we might think. Since her sister has abandoned them, Mona raised her two nieces, two adorable daughters but very imaginative when it comes to foolishness. But our witch is also the owner of a small magic shop in town and is the High Priestess of the city, you can now imagine her constant amount of work. Everyone knows Mona, and when some like her many others hate her. I must say that most people are part of her family, close or not. And while her life is not complicated enough here, her childhood crush, the boy who has never paid attention to her, comes to her house, wounded, begging her to not tell anyone he is here. And when he recovers, he tells her that someone is trying to kill her and that he is here to protect her at all costs. Bur she does not understand his sudden interest for her security. But that’s not all, the dear doctor of the city falls completely in love with Mona, sharpening suspicion of Adam.

I enjoyed this novel and how it was written. In fact, each chapter begins with a list of things to do depending on the day of the week, then the chapter is divided according to the points stated. We discover our heroine and her dailylife life. But everything is turned upside down with the arrival of Adam. I really loved this character, we want the same guy at home. He has only one goal, to protect Mona and help her whatever she might think. However, it’s difficult to understand the reaction of our dear werewolf with her. He is sometimes very attentive to her, and then he flees her touch like the plague. I confess that I strongly suspected the reason, so it wasn’t a real surprise but I enjoyed to see them together and assist to the evolution of their relationship. But there is more than him and the doctor of the town will do anything to be with our priestess. He’s everything she has ever dreamed in a man. Mona has a lot of qualities, she is courageous, loving, and attentive to the needs of her family and she would do anything to protect her love ones. We can only understand and be appreciative to the woman she is.
We learn a lot of information in this volume on each of the characters and the story of her nieces and her sister is partly revealed, leaving us wanting more. I’m curious to see what Jennifer Harlow will reserve us for the sequel, because the knowledge of the Mona’s nieces are unusual and we’ll hopefully quickly understand their complete story. This is a very good first book and I will be monitoring the release of the second.


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