Promo Post: Little David Lost ~ E.S. Moore #Giveaway

Do you know E.S. Moore, the author of the Kat Redding UF series? Well, he wrote another great book: Little David Lost. You can find my review here. It’s a nice horror young adult book. Want to know more? Here is the cover and synopsis:

Synopsis:Marybelle Lane would never say she’d had a perfect life. Nightmares haunted her nearly every night. Things she couldn’t explain kept happening. And just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, her dad died right in front of her, seemingly murdered by a nightmare turned real. But mercifully, the nightmares ceased.

Or did they?

Only a year after her torments ended, the nightmares have returned. Marybelle knows they are real, though no one believes her. She fears the night, knowing that if she falls asleep, she’ll be haunted by a world of dust where a trio of girls sing a rhyme she can’t decipher, by shadows that move…

…and by the decayed voice of a little boy she is beginning to know all too well…


So curious? Thanks to the author, you can win 2 copies of the book, Nook or Kindle versions. The giveaway is international and ends on 20th April. Don’t hesitate, it’s a really interesting book

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