Attack the Geek by Michael R. Underwood

Ree Reyes, Book 2.5

Synopsis: Ree Reyes, urban fantasy heroine of Geekomancy, is working her regular barista/drink-slinger shift at Grognard’s when it all goes wrong. Everything.

As with Geekomancy (pop culture magic!) and its sequel Celebromancy (celebrity magic!), Attack of the Geek is perfect for anyone who wants to visit a world “where all the books and shows and movies and games [that you] love are a source of power, not only in psychological terms, but in practical, villain-pounding ones” (Marie Brennan, award-winning author of the Onyx Court Series).

Review: I must admit that I enjoyed the first volume as we had such a highly original world, but I was a little disappointed by the second novel. So when the author proposed a novella, I was immediately curious to see how it was going to be. And I must say that this novella was finally a nice surprise.

I was quite impressed by the pace of the story as everything happens really fast. There is no downtime and it is true that there is always something going on for Ree. Indeed, our heroine finds herself working when an attack occurs, and while they think they can get by, it seems that everything is much more complicated than expected. Whenever a threat is resolved, a new one appears even more terrible than the previous and the young woman and her friends will soon have to find solutions.

I admit that I was curious to see how our characters would get out of this event, because I have to say that they have plenty to do. Fortunately for them, they still have artifacts on hand, as well as movies or comics to help them to defeat their enemies. But they also learn that this attack has a fairly specific purpose which I think ultimately will be reflected in the next novels. So a new idea appears here and I’m curious to see what will happen. Of course we also have questions about the relationship between Drake and Ree as it is quite complicated, especially for Ree … To be continued in the next episode.



21 thoughts on “Attack the Geek by Michael R. Underwood

  1. I have seen this series around and have been tempted to pick it up because it seems light and fun. I am glad that you enjoyed the novella, I am usually not a fan of novellas as they are short and I don’t get much from them.

  2. I’m not familiar with this series but it sounds really interesting. I’m so glad that with this novella it’s back on track and that you’re enjoying it again. I really hope it will continue that way. Great review 🙂

  3. Yeah I also love title on this one, all the books sound really fun and the covers are appealing. I’m glad the novella kind of made up for the second installment! I’ll definitely have to check these out.

  4. I think this sounds like a lot of fun- I have not heard of these but will check them out… sounds very original. I like the idea of using pop culture things as power sources. 🙂

  5. I know what you mean about liking a first book and then a second one can disappoint. It can definitely go either way. I’m glad that he was able to turn things around for you in this one. I definitely plan on reading the first book.

    Did you see his youtube video that he did of his reaction when he got signed for the first book!? It was so adorable!

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