Must Love Ghosts by Jennifer Savalli

Must Love Ghosts, Book 1

Synopsis: Haunted? Call 1-800-GHOST-HUNK.

Tia McGarry believes love is nothing more than a biochemical cocktail, and she’ll have the research to prove it—as soon as she and her calm, stable, almost-fiancé land a research grant.

Her biggest mistake, bad boy ex-boyfriend Dec Mancini, is firmly in her past. But when the ghost of her long-dead great-uncle moves into her living room, Dec is the only paranormal investigator with the skills to get rid of him.

Dec is used to scorn and ridicule, but he never quite got over Tia’s refusal to believe. With irrefutable proof that ghosts exist manifesting in her house, he can finally earn respect for his profession—and maybe find common ground for himself and Tia to rebuild on.

Tia can’t deny their crazy, chaotic chemistry is strong as ever, but as the ghost’s pranks threaten to put her grant out of reach, she must decide which is the greater risk: letting a ghost jeopardize her career, or falling in love with the man who could destroy her safe, stable life.

Warning: Contains lovesick ghosts wreaking havoc, an absent-minded professor with a repressed wild side, and a hunky paranormal investigator who’s decided the best place to start rebuilding is in the friend zone.

Review: When I started the book, I was very surprised to see that the story had only a hundred of pages. I expected a long novel but it’s true that it’s also nice to have shorter stories to read them in one go. It must be said that the theme is really appealing: ghosts? How not resist to that! But it is true that in the end I have not really been able to hold on to the whole…

Tia is a young woman who believes only about rational and scientific facts, but when she is confronted in with her ex, a paranormal investigator, she is once again rather doubtful about his capabilities. But when her dead uncle appears at home and threatens her career as well as the grant she expects for her research, our heroine is not very happy. Oh not at all. Forced to team up with Dec to get rid of her uncle, their irresistible attraction is reborn and the girl will have to decide what she really wants.

It was an interesting story even if it’s pretty basic but I confess that, as I said, I couldn’t really get into it. I’m not saying that this is not good but I think I expected a little more from it. Not a lot of things and at the same time everything happens fast enough that I could not really appreciate the characters or the story. However, I’m sure the book will appeal to many others.




26 thoughts on “Must Love Ghosts by Jennifer Savalli

  1. I think that’s one of my problems with novellas – it’s tough to write an engaging story in about a hundred pages, only a few authors have done that and left me satisfied. Usually I like the story, but wished it had more, and it sounds like you experienced something similar here. Sorry that it didn’t meet your expectations!

  2. A story that short is its own challenge, if you want to to be more than a throwaway.

    “I’m sorry this letter was so long, but I didn’t have the time to make it shorter.” –Mark Twain

  3. I’m sorry to hear that, Melliane… Unfortunately the same thing happened to me the other day with a different 100 pages story. I’m not bothered by the length of a book at all, but I can’t really stand when things are rushed.
    I hope your next read is going to be epic!

  4. A hundred pages is a little on the light side. Too bad that this didn’t shine, ghosts are such fun to write about, right? But, well, you know what they say: don’t bring a huge sack to the most praised tree 🙂 Awesome review.

  5. Ugh. On the plus side, at least it was short. I mean, since it sucked anyway. I tend to avoid novellas because there isn’t nearly enough development. Unless they’re done by someone awesome, which is rare. This is definitely not for me.

  6. I used to be so into ghost stories, I don’t know why I ever moved away from them in fiction! *sob* So sad to hear this one just didn’t do it for you *sigh* It sounds like this one would have been far more enjoyable if the author had slowed it down a bit.

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