Stacking the Shelves #160


Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews

End Time – Keith Korman

Three people face down a mysterious government organization in a search for a series of missing persons in this dark, apocalyptic thriller

What is happening to the country—and the planet?

A government bio-lab experiment goes hideously wrong, infecting people with scientifically-programmed madness . . .

Random kidnappings of women and girls proliferate throughout the land . . .

Some people suddenly succumb to horrifically virulent viruses while others become able to read minds . . .

Mysteriously summoned to confront these frightening questions, three people are thrown together on a bizarre cross-country quest: Cheryl Gibson, an LA cop; Billy Howahkan, a Lakota Sioux with seeming supernatural gifts, and Bhakti Singh, a distinguished space scientist. They must track down a pair of children with extraordinary powers. These two young people will determine humanity’s fate—obliteration or salvation.

As the three set out across America, the blood-dimmed tide is terminally unleashed. Anarchy, terror, and death stalk the land.

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