Le Baiser by Frédérique de Keyser

Les Luxurieux

Synopsis (personal translation): Luxuria… Lust… Lustful…

This sounds like a variation. Or a mantra, sensual and voluptuous, which could appeal to recite. We bet that Luxuria’s regulars prefer surrender to sensuality rather than discourse.

Friend, mentor, confidant and lover, while losing the woman he loved, Siatris thinks he has lost everything. Almost to the point of denying his very nature. But a demon stays a demon. Siatris is not the least carnal of them. Emmanuelle, his beautiful new employee, seems in any case quite willing to remind him this fact.

Review: Siatris is a well known character of the readers of the Luxuria saga and knowing the following of his story was indispensable. He is in fact a demon who has a broken heart because Sláine left him to return to Sio (to get the whole story, read the saga Luxuria).

Emmanuelle was hired as an accountant at the Luxuria club and sees Siatris (her boss) every day. She is very attracted to him, but being aware of his history and seeing his sadness, she never made him understand that; until the day she risks it. Then starts a carnal relationship between them, she did not want to reveal her feelings for fear of losing him and he is still too mired in sadness.

I would have liked to see Emmanuelle react a little more when Siatris appears really obnoxious. He would have deserved at least a slap 🙂 That would have been too simple and Frédérique de Keyser is sadistic with her characters (and therefore her readers!). I warn you that if you enter the world of Frédérique, this will not be the last time you’ll want to slap a character: D

I find that I do not make enough tribute to Frédérique de Keyser’s writing talent with my simple words (I still have much trouble organizing them to write a small review), if I have succeeded, if only a little bit, to make you want to discover her, I will be very happy!




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