Song of the Deep by Brian Hastings

Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Merryn lives with her fisherman father in a little cottage by the sea. Each day, her father braves the tumultuous waves and returns home in time for dinner. One stormy evening, he doesn’t come back. Merryn has a vision that he’s been dragged underwater by a terrifying sea creature, and he needs her help. Determined to rescue him, Merryn builds a tiny submarine and embarks on a journey through the undersea worlds she’s only heard about in her father’s lullabies. As she faces the dangers and wonders of the world below the waves, she realizes that her father’s stories were all real.

Readers can also experience Merryn’s daring journey firsthand in the new Song of the Deep video game from acclaimed developer Insomniac Games.

Review: The first thing I saw when I discovered this book is that the video game and so the story come from the same person who made the game: Spyro the Dragon. I’m not a big fan of games but it’s true that Spyro always allowed me to spend a nice little moment when I was younger. So when I saw the release of this novel, it is true that I was curious to see how it was.

I can tell you firstly, that the book object itself is beautiful if only by this superb cover. Indeed, it was like seeing an old book with all the pages of different lengths, and it’s very nice to browse them this way. But there’s more because each chapter is accompanied by an illustration and I thought that the idea was well found, especially as the illustrations are very well done too. Well, between all this we have a story and you are probably wondering how it is