Spell on Wheels by Kate Leth, Megan Levens & Marissa Louise

Spell on Wheels, Book 1

Synopsis: Kate Leth and Megan Levens team up for a magical new series! Three young witches are robbed of their magical items, and theyll have to hit the road to track down the mysterious thief before he does any damage to, or with, their possessions. Supernatural meets Buffy and The Craft!

Review: I admit that I was very curious to discover this comic. Indeed, the mention of witches could only make me want to try it!

My opinion will not necessarily be very long as my reading was pretty fast but I had a good time generally. We follow three witches living together and who, after a burglary, try to find their property. It is not easy as the person is selling everything very quickly … But they also want to find the culprit to make him pay for this theft. We will follow our three young women in this quest and nothing will necessarily be simple.

It was nice enough to read the story and the drawings are very well mastered too. It’s pretty funny to see these three women. I’m not sure how the whole thing will evolve, but I’m curious enough to see what happens.



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