High lonesome sound by Jaye Wells

Synopsis: In the sleepy mountain town of Moon Hollow, Virginia, there is a church with a crooked steeple. No one will say for sure how it got that way, but it’s reason the whole town gathers every Decoration Day to honor the dead.

But this year, there are two fresh graves up on Cemetery Hill, a stranger’s come to town, and the mountain’s song is filled with dark warnings.

The good people of Moon Hollow are about to learn that some secrets are too painful to bear, and some spirits are too restless to stay buried.

Review: I’ve always loved all of the Jaye Wells’s novels that I read and when I saw that she was releasing a new story, I was very intrigued! How not to be?

The author brings original and different ideas from what we usually found here. It is thus very intriguing to discover this little town of Moon Hollow and all the secrets that the inhabitants hide. We then follow different characters throughout the story while trying to understand what exactly is happening. In addition, the arrival of a stranger is consistent with the death of two people and everyone is afraid of what this could mean.

I always have trouble when there are several characters to follow but, if I was afraid of that at the beginning of the story, I found that the story was well done and I finally did not have any worries. However, I am a little sad to say that, but I did not connect on the novel. If the general idea is nice, I did not get attached to the characters nor managed to really enter the story. There was probably a little too much religion for me or too many characters. I do not know what exactly but it did not work for me. By cons I’m sure the novel will please others.




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  1. This is the first review that I’ve seen for this book book. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out well for you. I find it odd that this book is has a lot of religion. Her other books have never had that. I will probably still give it a try at some point. I still need to get caught up on her other series.

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