Don’t Worry, Life Is Easy by Agnès Martin-Lugand

Book 2

Synopsis: Diane needs to start over again. After returning from Ireland and turning the page on her stormy relationship with Edward, the brooding Irish photographer, she is determined to rebuild her life in Paris with help from her best friend Félix. She focuses solely on getting her literary café back on track-until she meets Olivier.

He is kind and thoughtful, and she may have a future with him…until she stumbles across her former love at a photography exhibit. What is Edward doing in Paris? Why didn’t he reach out? Faced with a hail of questions, her old flame remains cold and unresponsive. Apparently, he, too, has moved on.

In order to put the past behind her, Diane must go back over her tracks. Ireland saved her before. Can she get answers there and find peace again?

Review: After the end of the first volume, I confess that I was really eager to plunge into the rest of the story. It must be said that even if there could be no other end than the one presented previously, I was very curious to discover what was going to happen!

So we find Diane back in France. I was really proud of her! To see her trying to rebuild her career, to allow her coffee shop to live again, it was really a great progress. In addition to that, she even agrees to meet men that Felix presents to her and it shows that she finally advances. Yet, everything is not rosy and you can not erase such trauma as easily. Moreover, we see it very quickly, when she is in contact with children … It really hurts to see that certain things are insurmountable although she tries.

I really loved this novel. This story leads us, once more, along the pages which defile and we devour everything without realizing that we are at the end of the novel. Diane continues to rebuild herself of course and even manages to establish a relationship. It was a very touching story once again. Although Diane has gone through some very hard times, she has yet to manage her troubles and to make choices about her future. I admit that I waited until the end of the book to really know what she was going to do because it was very difficult to know if she was going to do what I wanted.

You will understand, it was a very good sequel and I highly recommend the two novels!



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