The Girl in the Green Silk Gown by Seanan McGuire

Ghost Roads, Book 2

Synopsis: For Rose Marshall, life began when it ended. She has friends, a home, and a purpose in the strange twilight where she spends her afterlife. Sure, she’s an urban legend who didn’t live to see her eighteenth birthday, but she’s had time to adapt, and while things could be better, she’s pretty happy with her lot in death.

At least until Bobby Cross–the man who killed her in the first place–plays his ultimate card in the hole, resulting in her untimely, unwanted resurrection. Suddenly breathing and worse, suddenly mortal, Rose must find a way to solve the riddle she never wanted to contend with: how does a living dead girl make it back to the ghostroads without actually dying?

Her quest will make allies out of enemies and enemies out of allies as she runs from the lands of the living to the lands of the dead, trying to find a way safely home…and safely back to her grave.

Review: I love Seanan Mcguire and the first volume came out a while ago and I did not think that we would have a sequel. Also, I was surprised and delighted to see this new novel while continuing the adventures of our dear Rose Marshall.

Always avoiding her former torturer, Rose will unfortunately face him again and the consequences will be disastrous. Become human again to better torment and kill her once and for all, Rose will have to find how to adapt in this new world and especially find a way to return from where she came from! Yet it will be far from easy and she does not know how bad Bobby is when he wants something!

I had a good time with this story. It was a pleasure to see Rose again and see one of her new stories. Besides, we learn a little more about mythology and I found it quite nice!

I enjoyed seeing Rose again even if I admit that I expected a bit more.

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  1. I listened to the first book a few years ago. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t my favorite it was so jumbled. I might get around to this one, but I am sad to hear that you expected more.

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