Interference by Harlow Cole

St. Michaels Duet, Book 1

Synopsis: Brayden:
I’m a goddamn prodigy. It’s true. Ask anyone.
I threw my first curveball the day I was born.

The whole damn town is waiting on me.
To live up to my father’s famous name. To reach for the stars.

All I want to reach for is her.

But Ashley is the sweet addiction I can’t afford. She’s my best friend’s sister. Hell, she’s practically my little sister. For years, I’ve protected her from guys that want one thing. What happens now that I’ve turned into one of them? Who’s gonna shield her from the way I was made, from my little white lies and from what I’m about to become?

My game plan sounds simple: Pitch my way into the Major League draft and stay out of Ashley Foster’s pants. That first part may be statistically difficult.

The second feels damn near impossible.

From the moment we met, I knew he was trouble.
The kind my mother sent me to find.
The type that ruins you for any other brand.

When we were young kids, I didn’t know what to call the frogs and butterflies that danced in my belly whenever Brayden came near. Now I know they have a name.

Those three little words that could heal or destroy him.

Before Brayden, my life was normal. And then it wasn’t. It couldn’t be. Ever again. How was I to know stealing his seat would change all our lives?

Anger and forgiveness share two halves of the same coin.
Our story might make you choose sides.

Review: I was curious to discover this novel and I must admit that the sports aspect immediately attracted me. But I I was surprised, because I didn’t expect to have something “YA” and I thought the characters would be adults. It’s not really a problem, but it made me feel weird because in the first chapter, they’re adult and everything else goes back to the past.

After this surprise, I must say that I had a good time. Ashley has always known Brayden, and she knew him even before he became very close friends with her brother Nathan. He always protected her and she always saw in him something more. Yet, he doesn’t look at her like that, even older and it’s quite difficult for her. Brayden doesn’t have an easy life and Ashley is the most important person in his life. And as he grows up, he realizes that he has very strong feelings for her. But he doesn’t want to face them, even if it means hurting her at the same time.

It was a touching novel, but also very sad. Ashley and Brayden love each other but they are constantly tearing each other apart. I was curious to see them evolve and especially to discover what would become of them. The author allows us to follow them both one after the other and see what they really think about what is happening. When I started the novel, I thought it was a standalone, but I saw that it was finally a duology… Arghhhhhh I want the sequel now! I want to know and discover what happened in everyone’s lives and especially how things will change now!


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