Hell’s Bell by Keri Arthur

Lizzie Grace, Book 2

Synopsis: When the church bell tolls thrice in the middle of the night, evil this way comes…

Lizzie Grace and Belle Kent, her witch familiar, are living and working on the Faelan Werewolf Reservation—one that has banned the use of magic within its borders. Although they have their supporters—including ranger Aiden O’Connor, who once hated all things witch—Lizzie and Belle now face possible eviction.

But the Faelan Reservation is a place filled with wild magic which—when left unprotected—quickly becomes a draw to those who walk the darker paths. As Christmas approaches, a new evil comes to town—one that eats the souls of the living and animates the flesh of the dead.

As the body count grows and the trail of clues leads them to the doorstep of the local vampire, Lizzie, Belle, and Aiden must find the killer before death comes calling on them.

But the biggest threat of all may come in the form of a witch who sees through the veils of Lizzie’s carefully constructed lies and suspects the truth of who she really is…

Review: I had a good time with the first volume and I was curious to discover what this new novel was going to propose to us.

Lizzie and Belle are waiting to find out if the Concil is going to evict them or not. It is a delicate situation especially as they really do not want to leave. In addition to that, a new evil prowl in town and Lizzie, despite everything, will find herself enlisted in this new investigation. Indeed, it seems that a soul eater turns and attacks victims without anyone understanding the link between them. It’s up to Lizzie and Aiden to find out what’s going on. But this event also attracts the attention of witches who send one of their emissary who will be determined to discover what the two young women hide.

I really had a good time with this story and I was surprised more than once by some turnaround situations. I may have felt some lengths over the chapters sometimes, but it was not necessarily very embarrassing. We discover a little more about the two heroines, their power, but also about what the wild magic hides. Some links are very intriguing and I am curious to discover what will happen now. Our two heroines still have a lot of things to hide and it’s more and more difficult.

It was a good second volume and I can not wait to buy the third one to immerse myself in it!

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