Embers by Suzanne Wright

Dark in You, Book 4

Synopsis: The final horseman awaits . . . and the stakes have never been higher.

With the birth of their son, Asher, Harper and Knox are both more powerful and more vulnerable than they’ve ever been before. Asher’s charm has seduced even the devil himself, but Harper knows that the real villain is still out there, and as desperate as ever to see the Primes fall. They’re laying low, and there’s no way to tell which one of their circle is really a deadly foe . . .

When the final horseman makes their move, Harper and Knox will have to use all the considerable power at their disposal – and that may even include Asher’s mysterious abilities. One thing’s for sure – this is a baby who’s more than a match for any demon coming after him.

It’s time for the world’s most formidable family to take the fight to the enemy . . .

review: I really like this series by the author and I was eager to discover the next part of Harper and Knox’s adventures! I must say that there was one last enemy left and I was really curious to know his/her identity!

Harper and Knox now have to take care of their baby, Asher, who seems to have some quite extraordinary powers. But if it were just that: they also have to manage the threat above them that Asher may well be the target. Our two heroes will then do everything to finally discover the truth and protect those they love!

I once again had a great time with this book and I really enjoyed discovering who was the last ennemy! I didn’t necessarily expect it either, and it was very interesting to find out the reasons. And then of course, there are all the characters we love so much and it was so easy to get attached to Asher, that cute and smart little boy too!

The author has even more in store for us, I’m sure, and I’m also curious to discover the stories of Harper’s friends that we always see in the background! It’s really a very nice series!

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