Huntress by Nicole Hamlett

Grace Murphy,  Book 1

Synopsis: “Fate is an ugly bitch who will screw with your life every single chance she gets.”

Grace Murphy, a newly single mother finds this out as she’s trying to figure out how to lead a perfectly normal life. The big question becomes, what do you do when you find out that your mother is Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt and she expects you to take up the family business?

You can try hiding, but escaping when you have an ex-husband to deal with, a kid to raise and an unknown being who’s trying to kill you is tricky at best.

Now the woman who couldn’t put a bookshelf together without getting sweaty and perplexed must learn how to roar…without getting herself and everyone she loves killed.

Saving the world? Not a problem.

Getting home in time for chocolate chip pancakes might be a whole other matter, though…

Review: I remember having this novel for a very long time. Also, having some time, I immersed myself in the story with great pleasure and I must say that I had a good time with the author’s ideas!

Grace has to deal with a lot of change in her life. She thought, perhaps stupidly, that the most important thing would be her divorce… Yet she is far from being right, and when her birth mother comes in front of her and tells her that she is actually the daughter of Diana, the goddess of hunting, she thinks it is a hoax. But when her powers appear, she has to admit that something is wrong. Except that here’s the thing, Diana needs her to get together, and she needs to undergo rigorous training to help her! Well, our Grace, she’s not too much for training and even less so if it’s rigorous. Plus she has to take care of her book, and to finish writing her romance, so a training? It’s not in her plans. But when Adonis (but call me Drew) shows up at her house, she thinks she might be tempted. But no, it’s not because he’s handsome to be damned… no, no, no! Okay, maybe a little… Problem? He knows her fantasies because he reads minds! Together, they will face a world that Grace is only beginning to discover.

I had a really good time with that novel. More than I thought and I was delighted to discover this story! There are many funny situations and we are witnessing Grace’s evolution in front of all these gods or demigods. Who would have thought that Zeus was that crazy? Not me anyway, but I’m really looking forward to reading more and seeing what the author has in store for us in the future!

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