Misfortune Teller by Dima Zales

Sasha Urban, Book 2

Synopsis: So I’m a seer. A Cognizant under the Mandate.

Life should be easy now, right?


With all the “accidents” that keep befalling me, I’ll be lucky to survive the week. That is, if my crazy boss doesn’t work me to death first…

Review: I had a really good time with the first volume and I was really curious to see how the series was going to progress and I must say I’m really happy!

Sasha comes back to her life as if nothing had happened, but everything has changed. For example, her chinchilla, which she loves, is not really a chinchilla. We understood it in the previous novel, but it actually harbors an ancient spirit and our heroine will be determined to discover what it is and if it is related to her past of which she knows nothing about. And then there is her work, which is becoming more and more burdensome, but she also have her courses to learn more about this world. What more? Oh, yes, and there are all these accidents that happen to her and from which she barely escapes every time. But who’s trying to kill her?

It was again a very good novel and I was delighted to see all the characters one more time. Ariel of course, but also Felix and all the others. What about Nero? Ah Nero! How difficult it is because we love him as much as we hate him and I must admit that my curiosity about him is only increasing! But after this end? I really wonder how Sasha’s going to get by!

It was a very good second novel and I finally bought the paper sequel to keep it! A nice surprise!

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