Last Bus to Woodstock by Colin Dexter

Inspector Morse, Book 1

Synopsis: Beautiful Sylvia Kaye and another young woman had been seen hitching a ride not long before Sylvia’s bludgeoned body is found outside a pub in Woodstock, near Oxford. Morse is sure the other hitchhiker can tell him much of what he needs to know. But his confidence is shaken by the cool inscrutability of the girl he’s certain was Sylvia’s companion on that ill-fated September evening. Shrewd as Morse is, he’s also distracted by the complex scenarios that the murder set in motion among Sylvia’s girlfriends and their Oxford playmates. To grasp the painful truth, and act upon it, requires from Morse the last atom of his professional discipline.

Review: I didn’t know about the TV show or the novels, but when I read the synopsis, I was curious to discover the story.

Sylvia and her friend disappeared on their way to Woodstock by hitchhiking. And when Sylvia’s body was discovered, the police became involved and it was Detective Morse who took over the case. But somewhere between lies and truth, it’s hard to know what’s true so you can move on.

It was a nice novel and I didn’t really see the culprit coming. However, I have to say that I thought I’d hang on to the novel more than that and finally, if it was a nice moment, I’m not sure I’d read the other novels.

An interesting investigation with many characters and a detective a little out of the ordinary.


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