Unpredictable by Eileen Cook

Synopsis: Sophie isn’t crazy, she just wants her guy back. And posing as a psychic to give his new girlfriend a fake reading designed to break them up isn’t going overboard, is it? Don’t answer that.

Faking psychic powers turns out to be fun, especially after a few lessons from Nick, the cute skeptic, who teaches her all the tricks of the trade. But her readings do a lot more than she could have predicted. Now she must decide whether to accept her rising stardom in a less-than-honest line of work-and whether the best option is trying to rekindle her old flame or finding romance with someone new. And, most importantly, she needs to figure out whether the answers lie in the stars-or in herself.

Review: I bought this novel a long time ago, I’m always eager to find new light novels to have a good time. And that’s precisely what this novel offers us for our greatest pleasure!

Sophie has been in a very bad way since Doug left her overnight after 6 years of relationship. When she learns that Melanie, Doug’s new girlfriend, is going to see fortune tellers, she gets an idea: to become one and ruin their relationship so that he can come back to her. But the story really gets past her when she does a session with one of Melanie’s friends and what she says averts a disaster. Becoming famous in spite of herself, our heroine will have to make choices, but she will also cross paths with Nick, a skeptical academic who will help her in spite of himself.

I had a really good time with this novel and it was a really entertaining read. Sophie is going to go from crazy situations to crazy situations and when she can finally get out of it, she will get into more trouble. But maybe all this will open her eyes and allow her to see the truth.


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