Veiled by Benedict Jacka

Alex Verus, Book 6

Synopsis: I thought I’d escaped my past. But my old master is back and making a new play for power. And he’s not the only one targeting me…

Diviner Alex Verus and the Council that governs the magical community have never gotten along. But with his former teacher back in Britain, Alex is in desperate need of allies, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get them—even if it means accepting a job with the Keepers, enforcing magical law.

Alex forms an uneasy alliance with his new partner, Caldera, but his attempt at legitimacy quickly turns lethal when a mission puts him in possession of an item that factions both inside and outside of the Council would kill to get their hands on.

Once again caught in the middle of a deadly conflict, Alex will need all his abilities to figure out who his friends are—especially when enemies are hiding on all sides…

Review: This is a series that I always have a great time with and I’m delighted that the French publishing house continues to publish them! We don’t have a lot of urban fantasy featuring a man as the main character, I find it always nice to read.

Alex has more and more enemies and things get more complicated. To cover his back, he decides to become an auxiliary for the Keepers, which won’t be as easy as expected. It must be said that our hero is not used to following the rules and this new position is governed by very strict rules. In fact, Caldera is the only one who will have to guide and supervise him. And that will be no small task.

Propelled into a new investigation, Alex will have to do everything he can to uncover the truth between conspiracy, trafficking and politics. Things are becoming clearer and I wonder what our hero will do when he has to confront his past. Of course, we also find, with great pleasure, Variam, Luna and Anne who, as always, will be there to support Verus.

A great novel once again featuring a dark character that we love to follow!

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