No Guts, No Fury by Annabel Chase

Federal Bureau of Magic, Book 3

Synopsis: Welcome to Chipping Cheddar, where supernaturals are hidden in plain sight

I’m less than thrilled when the Federal Bureau of Magic sends a training instructor to make sure my skills are up to snuff. Agent Quinn Redmond is an uptight fae with a rigid approach to rules and regulations that even a do-gooder like me finds stifling. When an eerie fog settles over the town, residents begin acting out in response, resulting in overtime hours for Chief Fox and local law enforcement. Things take a deadly turn when one of the residents ends up dead and I worry his death is only the beginning.

Will I manage to shine a light on the situation or is the whole town destined to remain in a fog?

Review: I’m having a great time with each volume and I was looking forward to this third adventure.

We find all our favorite characters and especially our dear Eden. She finds herself once again propelled into a new story that she will have a hard time managing. Indeed, it would seem that a strange fog has taken up residence in the city and is driving people completely crazy. But on top of that, an instructor is in town to check Eden’s abilities in her work and it’s not something she particularly enjoys.

It was once again a great story and I really like to see Eden’s difficulties to accept herself while changing little by little. What about Sheriff Fox? Aaaaah I love him! And after everything that happened, I can’t wait to see what will happen to them in the future. Finally, as always, we find Eden’s mother, grandmother and aunt and I must say that I love them! They are really great!

As you can understand, I had a very good time as always and I am curious to read more!

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