Three Alarm Fury by Annabel Chase

Federal Bureau of Magic, Book 6

Synopsis: Welcome to Chipping Cheddar, where supernaturals are hidden in plain sight

I’ve finally taken a big step in my personal life when my professional life heats up with a spate of behavioral issues that seem unrelated. When some of the issues become life-threatening, I know that time is running out, but I’m no closer to identifying the root cause.

Can I put out another supernatural fire before it spreads or am I doomed to watch the town go up in flames?

Review: Here is volume 6 and I must admit that I am still as delighted as ever to immerse myself in one of the novels of this series! I always have a great time, even when I’m in a period where nothing really pleases me.

No murders this time, but the people in town seem to be changing radically. Their nature becomes diametrically opposed, to the point of becoming dangerous, even deadly! Our heroine is going to have to do her utmost to understand what is going on and above all determine whether a demon is at work. But these changes will also allow her to learn things she didn’t suspect and I must say that I would have been quite upset when I learned one of the news in particular!

It was again a very good novel. In fact, I loved seeing the evolution of Sawyer’s relationship with our heroine. As I was saying, I always have a great time and the author proposes, as always, completely crazy situations!

Let’s go for volume 7!


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