Agent of Darkness by C.N. Crawford & Alex Rivers

Dark Fae FBI, Book 3

Synopsis: There’s a dark power growing within me. And I’m not sure I can control it.

The fae king wants me dead. His assassins tracked me down and nearly killed me— now they’re the ones lying lifeless in a pool of blood. But the price I’ve paid is too high. They hurt someone I love, and I burn for revenge.

I’m done watching from the sidelines. Following the seductive fae Roan, I join the rebels but find myself surrounded by suspicion at every turn. But with the strange new magic in my blood, no one trusts me anymore.

It’s the magic of fear, of terror, of nightmares. The king’s minions have given me another name: Mistress of Dread. My power is unstable and deadly, and to get my vengeance, I must learn to control it. Yet with fury boiling in my blood and desire for Roan kindling my heart, it seems like an impossible task.

FBI Agent, Pixie, Terror Leech, Mistress of Dread. Will I become a King Killer as well?

Review: After reading the first two volumes, I was curious to discover the continuation of Cass’ adventures.

Her life no longer makes sense and our heroine doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to go back home, but she has no purpose in London either. So she finds one by deciding to find her biological mother. However, this quest will be more difficult than expected. When Cass gets mixed up in the King’s affairs, the King is determined to do anything to kill her! Our heroine will do her best to thwart his plans! On top of that, she’ll have to learn how to deal with her new powers, which will not be an easy mission.

This was a pretty cool third volume and I was curious to see how Cass would do. Her reactions are a little annoying at times, but we learn a lot in this volume. I’m actually very curious to see what happens next. The next book is the last in the series and I can’t wait to see how the author will conclude it!


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