Quiet Wealth by J.L. Drake

Quiet Mafia, Book 1

Synopsis: A twisted mafia romance about quiet wealth and refined darkness


It’s been ten years since he left me with nothing but a pendant, a photo, and a broken heart. He was but a ghost, there one minute and gone the next. I picked myself up, dried my eyes, and built my life without him. Now he has come back into my life like a raging storm surrounded by crime and bloodshed. I no longer need him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want him—or just a little taste…


Ten years ago, I had to leave behind the only light I had in my life. Without her, I live in darkness. I am not proud of the things I’ve done, nor the blood that’s been shed. Everything I did had been to protect her. We live by our code—family, power, loyalty, and protection. Our empire is built on the bones of our enemies. Now that she is back and we have a second chance, they will learn one way or another you do not touch my queen.

Capri Famiglia will rise to the top no matter the cost, bloodshed, or the lines that will have to be blurred.

Review: After reading another J.L. Drake series that I loved, I was curious to find her in a mob story. I love this theme, so how could I resist it? The author makes it clear that she has never really read anything about the mob, so the story is really all her own invention, which I found very intriguing.

Sienna didn’t have an easy childhood. Constantly abused, she only had a little peace when she would sneak back to Elio, the boy who was always so kind to her. With her family, she felt at home. But one day, forced to flee her home, she discovered that he had left without warning and she found herself alone once again. Now a journalist, she decided to tell parts of her story in the hope that her mother would hear about her and come and find her. But this story will attract the attention of Mariano, Elio’s best friend and associate, who will offer the young woman a story so that she will come and spend a few weeks with him. It is in this context that she is going to meet Elio… And if she does not want anything more to do with him, he does not seem to accept it. He is ready to do anything to get her back in his life, despite the danger.

This was a very enjoyable novel, although I found that there were quite a few inconsistencies and I wanted to shake the characters more than once. That being said, I was caught up in the story and couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen. Nothing will be easy, that’s for sure! And I must admit, I wasn’t really expecting such an ending. The novel ends in the middle of a scene and I’m curious to read the rest to understand exactly what happens.

A good first volume!

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