The Killer’s Family by Miranda Smith

Synopsis: We should never have kept our father’s secret.

Before, my sisters and I were close. Now, a year after our father’s funeral, we barely speak to each other. Molly won’t accept the truth. Rachel can’t forgive him. And I spend all my time digging through his life, trying to understand.

Then we hear the news. A woman has been found by the docks, her wedding ring stolen. The reporter says it appears the local serial killer has returned…

But I know that can’t be right, because I know who the killer was.

Henry Martin. Our father.

Someone is sending us a message. Someone knows we lied.

Now my sisters and I must work together to find out who is targeting us. How do they know what we’ve hidden? What do they want? And what other secrets lie buried in the past, putting us all in danger?

Review: I’ve been reading a lot of French thrillers lately, but it’s been a long time since I picked up one in English.

We follow three sisters who have lost their father and discovered while cleaning up his belongings that he was in fact a famous serial killer. After deciding to hide everything so that it wouldn’t impact their lives, our three sisters meet again a year later. But now, hiding the secret has turned everything upside down and they are struggling to get back on their feet. But something worse is about to happen: the murders are starting again and if it’s not their father, who is responsible? They will do everything to find out the truth, but the danger is getting closer and maybe even more than they thought.

This was a pretty cool novel and I had a great time with our three sisters. The turn of events finally surprised me. I’ve read better thrillers, but this was a good read.



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