The Trader’s Dream by Anna Jacobs

The Traders, Book 3

Synopsis: Bram Deagan dreams of bringing his family from Ireland to join him in Australia, where he now runs a successful trading business.

But when a typhus epidemic strikes Ireland, it leaves the Deagan family decimated. And, with other family members scattered round the world, it is left to Maura Deagan to look after her orphaned nieces and nephew.

Forced to abandon her own ambitions, and unsure whether she is ready to become a mother-figure to three young children, Maura recognises that their only hope is to join Bram in far away Australia. So they set sail on the SS Delta, which will carry them there, via the newly opened Suez Canal.

It is only when a storm throws her and fellow passenger Hugh Beaufort together that Maura realises this journey may also give her a chance to pursue a dream she set aside long ago – to have a family of her own. That is, until someone from Hugh’s past threatens to jeopardise everything . . .

Review: I always pay attention to the releases of this author, who has created a huge universe with different countries and characters that constantly intersect. We follow Maura, Deagan’s niece as well as her brother and sister.

After an outbreak of Typhus, Maura who had finally managed to create the life she wanted is called back home. In spite of herself, she finds herself responsible for three children whose parents have died and for whom she is the only one able to care. But there is a solution: Bram, her nephew, wants his family members to come and find him in Australia. Even if she doesn’t really want to, she knows that it is the only viable solution. Yet the trip will be far from easy, but she might just meet the love of her life.

Like always, I let myself be carried away by the story, the places, the landscapes so different from the others and especially by an adventure far from being easy. I was looking forward to the family being reunited at last and I was thrilled when it happened.

We meet up with many of the characters as I said, and it was a real pleasure to see them again. I’m looking forward to the sequel!

7 thoughts on “The Trader’s Dream by Anna Jacobs

  1. Given how many books following journeys from Ireland to Australia I’ve read I fear that this might seem all too familiar a read. That said, you never know, the author may have come up with something new, something different to add to a genre that has pretty much been done with.

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