The Killer Karma by Ana T. Drew

Provence Cozy Mystery, Book 2

Synopsis: Pastry chef Julie Cavallo unmasked a killer.
Life is good once again…
until her sous chef becomes a murder suspect.

Julie is certain Eric didn’t kill his ex-con dad.
The question is, can she prove it to the lead investigator?
Alone she can’t.
She needs Beldoc’s best — and, ahem, only — amateur sleuth team to get back in the game.
Luckily, her shrewd sister, their feisty grandma and toe-worshiping dog are up for the challenge.
Besides, Julie hopes to enlist the help of one hot gendarme…

Clueless but committed, the detective trio sets out to expose the real killer.

Review: After discovering the first volume not long ago, I was curious to discover the continuation of the adventures of our dear Julie. If I had some mixed points in the first one, I enjoyed this new novel.

Eric, Julie’s boss, is accused of her father’s murder. Not easy, especially when you know that he hated him. He is then the perfect suspect! But Julie doesn’t believe it and when the police is a little too interested in him, she decides to lead the investigation and discover the culprit all by herself. However, this case will be far from easy: everyone is hiding secrets, starting with Eric.

I had a good time with this new investigation. I was also delighted to find all the characters. If there is a sequel, I will gladly read it. It was a good little cozy!


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