The Sinister Substitute by Preeti Chhibber & James Lancett

Marvel Avengers Assembly, Book 2

Synopsis: It’s a new semester at Avengers Assembly but something seriously weird is going on!
Kamala, Doreen, and Miles are back at Avengers Assembly for a new semester! Captain Marvel has added new staff to the school, and the students don’t quite know what to expect from them.

But some of these teachers are really not acting like heroes at all, more like… super-villains? And then someone starts posting incriminating pictures of Doreen and her friends. Can Doreen and her friends get to the bottom of this scandal, who framed them and what is causing the teachers to act so strange? Or will this be the end of the Avengers Assembly?

Review: I found the first volume very cute and I was delighted to discover this sequel. This time we change the main character and we follow the adventures of Doreen.

Our young super-heroine is going to find herself with quite a case on her hands! Indeed, strange events are taking place at the academy and nobody seems to realize it. And when our heroine is also the victim, she is determined to find out what is going on, even if no one believes her!

I had a great time with this little book again and it was a pleasure to discover another character from the little gang. I’m curious to see what story we get in the next volume. After seeing several great Marvel here (Thor, Groot, Antman…), we’ll have X-Men waiting for us in the next one, enough to make you curious!