Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire (VO)

October Daye, Book 1

Synopsis : October “Toby” Day is a former street kid and half-breed Daoine Sidhe who’s practically made a career out of running away from things. She was raised in the Summerlands, last of the true fae realms, only to flee to the mortal world when she was a teenager, looking for a life she could call her own. For a while, it looked like she might even succeed. She found a place in the service of a local Duke, earned her position as a knight errant, fell in love, and thought the running was over.

She was wrong.

All too soon, all she wanted was the opportunity to run away from everything and fade into obscurity. Unfortunately for Toby, life is rarely simple for changelings, and her own talent for complicating things makes it impossible for her to disappear into the shadows. It probably doesn’t help that she attracts trouble the way that candles attract moths, or that she’s somehow managed to catch the eye of some of the most powerful people in the Kingdom of the Mists…
Review : October is a strong and determined heroine, who however doesn’t have an easy life. private detective, married and mother, we fall in the beginning in one of her investigation. But transformed into a koi fish during 14 years, she disappeared to come back in a new world where she doesn’t have any bonds. Her husband and her daughter don’t even want to see her, and she wants nothing to do with the fairies. But she has no choice when a relative dies, binding October to find the murderers.
It was a pleasant first book to read. October is a character we quickly like. Despite her distrust of the persons of her past, she is really naive and doesn’t realize that some persons have changed.
This novel is a series of murder attempts on October. Unfortunately, it’s always the same thing : She is hurt, She thinks about her death, she is healed, and it restarts. It’s a bit repetitive sometimes.
However, her investigation is very interesting, and I didn’t expect this culprit before the end. I really like too some persons, who allow us to learn more about Tobby’s past. Tybalt was a very intriguing character and I would love to learn more about him too ! But he isn’t the only one, I have a lot of questions in mind, some about Luna and her daughter or even about Simon.
The author has created an original world with all the creatures. I really like to meet new species I didn’t know, or even the fairy’s lifestyle (despite it’s always the same with this kind of book).

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