Hit List by Laurell K hamilton (VO)

Anita Blake, Book 20

Synopsis : A serial killer is hunting the Pacific Northwest, murdering victims in a gruesome and spectacular way. The local police suspect “monsters” are involved, and have called in Anita Blake and Edward, US Marshals who really know their monsters, to catch the killer.

But some monsters are very real. The Harlequin have been the bogeymen of the vampire world for more than a thousand years; they are a secret so dark that even to speak their name can earn you a death sentence. Now they are here in America, hunting weretigers…and human police.

The Harlequin serve the Mother of All Darkness, the first vampire. She was supposed to be dead, but only her body was destroyed. Now she needs a new one, and she’s decided that Anita Blake’s is the body she wants. Edward thinks the serial killings are a trap to lure Anita closer to the most dangerous vampire they’ve ever hunted. The vampires call Edward “Death,” and Anita the “Executioner,” but Mommy Darkest is coming to kill one and possess the other, and she doesn’t care how many others have to die along the way.
Review : I was very pessimistic before starting this book because of some opinions I’ve read or because of the last novels. Personally, I can tell the book was very easy to read and the story is quite interesting. After that, we have a lot of negative points…
Indeed, the first thing that I’ve in mind is the inconsistency about what Anita says. She explains all along the book that nobody can’t say the name of the Harlequin but she does it once. It’s not very logical ! Mainly that after saying it, nothing happens.
We waste our time in this book with the cop’s opinion about her sexual life. Because, of course, everyone is only interesting by this fact. Why do they care about that so much about it? We have seen this again and again in the last books, we know that they’re not happy about it, they think it’s not normal, but it wasn’t a great thing to have it one more time. Because for some persons, they can only speak about that.
Then I was disappointed about this end, after so much events, that it was so easy and finished so hastily, it was really weird. (Because, it didn’t remain a lot of pages to read before the end), It’s a pity… I think the author would like to return on the old books without really doing it. The beginning was so great, they were so many events and hop the end. I think that the author didn’t know how to end the story so she places it when she has nothing to write more. So we have an uncompleted feeling and it was destabilizing. I think she could have more develop the story.

On the other side, I was very happy to see Edward, Bernardo and Olaf. And just one sex scene (waouh), it was a really great thing !

I know It’s easiest to tell the negative points than the positives. But despite it was a nice book, I think it should have been better.Justifier

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  1. Good luck ! I think there are some books better than others, but the last weren’t maybe for me I think, too bad because It was a really great series. I think I will see how it will go with the new ones.

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