Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews (VO)

Kate Daniels, Book 5.4

Synopsis: A dinner date after a hard day at work sounds heavenly. Of course, when that date is between the Beast Lord and Kate Daniels, things don’t go as planned. Before you know it, undead are running amok, heads are being chopped off, lawyers are deployed and used with extreme prejudice, and drunk vikings are calling people out.

Read at your own risk.

Review: When I saw that Ilona Andrews proposed a short story between her two books, I was so happy. It’s a beautiful gift for Christmas! I thought she would present us a really short story between Curran and Kate, but I was wrong, it’s just a short novel, yes short but a real book. Therefore we can follow a little interesting adventure about Kate. Indeed, I get into the story from the start until the end.
I was surprised the book was so complete, and that the events weren’t written in a hurry. Because I think it’s always the problem with this kind of books, sometimes the events quickly happen and we don’t have the possibility to really enjoy them. But it wasn’t the case here and I really loved this novel. Some new responsibilities for Kate are emerging despite she doesn’t want them, a start for preparing us to the novel about Andrea too. I’m so curious now to know what will happen with Raphael.
This book will allow us to wait for the one about Andrea, but it’ll be so difficult!!! We just want more and even more! I’m so glad for this Kate Daniel’s story and I’m now very impatient to read the next Ilona Andrew’s book.

13 thoughts on “Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews (VO)

  1. I’m just now starting the second book in the Kate Daniels series but it’s great to know that Kate and Curran are still a semi couple. Can’t wait to get to this book.

  2. I was also surprised how complete this book was. Because it was a gift, I was expecting a scene or two – not a whole story! I LOVED this too. And yes, want Andrea’s book now. lol

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