A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire (VO)

October Daye, Book 2

Synopsis: After spending fourteen years lost to both the fae and mortal worlds, only to be dragged back into Faerie by the murder of someone close to her, October “Toby” Daye really just wants to spend a little time getting her footing. She’s putting her life back together. Unfortunately, this means going back to work for Duke Sylvester Torquill of Shadowed Hills, doing her duty as a knight errant. That isn’t the sort of thing that exactly lends itself to a quiet existence, and before she knows it, Toby’s back on the road, heading for the County of Tamed Lightning in Fremont, California to check on Sylvester’s niece, January.

Things in Tamed Lightning turn out to be a lot stranger than they seemed at first glance, and Toby’s talent for finding trouble isn’t doing her any favors. With Quentin—a young foster from Sylvester’s Court—in tow, and the stakes getting higher all the time, it’s up to Toby to solve the mystery of Tamed Lightning, or face a failure whose cost will be too high for anyone to pay.
Review: I was so curious to get into another October Daye’s adventure for a while. So when I had the time to read it I took the opportunity. I really enjoyed the first one but it’s true there were some points which were redundant and I was wondering if it would be the same in this second novel. What a surprise when I understood it wasn’t the case at all. I don’t know if it was the translation in French in the first volume because this time I read it in English, but I really enjoyed this new story, more than the first one. Here, no worries, I loved this book from the start until the end and it was very difficult to put it down before finishing it.
October Daye finds herself once again embroiled in a new story that surpasses her completely. She is sent by Sylvester to learn what happened to January because he doesn’t have any news for a few weeks. Our heroine has to understand a story more complicated than she would have expected. Accompanied by Quentin, our heroine has to confront a killer whom she doesn’t know anything about and who seems to be invisible. I can say I was quite astonished when I learned who was the culprit despite everything leads us to him. And what can I say about Alex? I was very aware from the start about him and I wasn’t surprised when we learned the true about him. On the contrary I was happy to be right. Well, it’s true I didn’t know exactly the name of his species, but it’s a detail, doesn’t it?
A lot of new characters are introduced to us, all of them very interesting and it was a pleasure to learn more about them. April and January were a nice discovery. We try to understand each of their secrets, establishing some hypothesizes each time with October but finally everything is more complex that it seems to be. We assist to some new big events, important for the story and which are fascinating.
The events and the plot take a shape perfectly, keeping the reader curious all along the story. We always want to learn more and more about everything and I can say Seanan McGuire gives what we want. Over all, I can say it was for me a really great second volume, better than the first one, and I can say once finished I only wanted one thing, read the third book!

10 thoughts on “A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire (VO)

  1. Hey! This sounds like a very interesting read, I’m feeling tempted to read it 😀 If my to read list gets longer I’ll blame you as well for it, haha.
    Lovely review, and I love your place, French and all (xD)!

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • yes it was! And I enjoyed the third even more lol. I totally understand the problem, always so terrible! Thank you, it’s really nice. I confess it’s easier for me in french lol but nice to share like that too. Have a great weekend as well.

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