Demon Bound by Caitlin Kittredge (VO)

Black London, Book 2

Synopsis: Thirteen years ago, Jack Winter lay dying in a graveyard.  Jack called upon a demon and traded his soul for his life… and now the demon is back to collect its due.  But Jack has finally found something to live for.  Her name is Pete Caldecott, and because of her, Jack’s not going to Hell without a fight.  

Pete doesn’t know about Jack’s bargain, but she does know that something bigger and far more dangerous than Jack’s demon is growing in the Black.  Old gods are stirring and spirits are rising–and Jack doesn’t stand a chance of stopping them without Pete’s help.  
Review: I was impatient to have the possibility to get into this second novel to know how Pete and Jack have evolved since the first volume. I was also very curious to see the progression about their relationship because I have to say we can easily feel the tension between our two protagonists.
Pete is today totally immerged in this world she doesn’t know anything about. She is now herself a part of the darkness despite Jack tries to do his best to protect her. Ah Jack… what can I say about him? The first thing would be: but how the hell can Pete stay with him???? I agree, he has a little something more but well he is also so annoying and rude with everyone! I don’t know if I could be as calm as her but it’s also his way to show he likes her. We easily note all the changes and the concessions he made to become a better man (if it’s possible) to be with her. He asks himself a lot of questions, tries to do the best but however it’s never enough. He is the caricature of the anti-hero and in the same time we can only be appreciative about his choices when we know what he really thinks.
Pete completes him perfectly; she is sweet but determined when she needs to be. She knows how to put him back on track and to supportall his caprices, so we can only be impressed by her nature. It’s a young woman like no one else, she will also do anything to protect jack, and it’s a quite difficult task. They form an atypicalcouple but they finally perfectly matched together by their complementarities.
This volume announces some great things for the following story. The first one allowed us to discover the world and the darkness where our two protagonists evolved. This one prepares us to some changes that will surely have big consequences in the third book. Indeed, I’m very curious to know what will happen.
As expected, we can assist to the evolution of the relationship between Pete and jack. It’s touchy to see them together, they don’t know how to act, how to show their feelings. In this novel, our heroes will have to face a haunted house and a demon who wants his due, the soul of jack.
Pete is a little less present here than in the first one but it’s very intriguing to follow Jack and to meet the persons he knows, to see how he faces all these dangerous situations.
To conclude, it’s a very interesting volume and now I just want to continue the series. I hope I could read the third one soon!

16 thoughts on “Demon Bound by Caitlin Kittredge (VO)

  1. Okay… looks like a series I need to read in order! 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to get into this one and I think I may wait until I have at least the first 3! That way I can read them all together and I won’t have to wait. Especially since you said you couldn’t hardly wait until the 3rd. 🙂

    • Yeah I think this series would be difficult to understand otherwise.

      I think it might be a good idea to have the three books beacause it’s a very complex story. Yes, it’s so different from some other books, I’m always curious to know the sequel.

  2. I have these books and I must get round to reading them. I am a little put off with the language though as I have heard that it is not how we speak in the UK.

    Great review thanks.

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