Shadowborn by Alison Sinclair

Darkborn, Book 3

Synopsis: Magic dies with the mage, or so the Darkborn believe. That’s why Lady Telmaine Hearne has been condemned to death for sorcery. She’s escaped but is now bound with her mageborn allies for the Borders and war. Meanwhile, her husband, Balthasar, has learned of his family connection to the Shadowborn-and is fighting for survival and sanity as magic turns him against everything he holds dear.

Review: I didn’tknow this series before starting this one and I was very intrigued by the gorgeous cover. I must say that the three covers of this series have something magical. I was however a little afraid to start a fantasy book by the third volume. I had never tried to do something like that and I know that the fantasy stories are always something more complex than the other genres when you want to read in disorder. My verdict is that it’s really not a good idea to start with the last volume, I was completely lost, moreover, there are many POV throughout the story so it is very difficult to understand who they really are. However, I enjoyed all the characters and I tried to understand what they were doing.
The story is centered on a war between two clans. The persons we follow have all heard rumorsabout their allies, and these one aren’t really good. Each character will believethat their relatives are dead, changing the future events. I was quite surprised, while some people refuse to believe the death oftheir peers, others accept it with ease without trying to question theveracity.
I can’t, however, provide a real review of this volume as I didn’t understand the plot. But I liked the basic idea and the change of perspective. I may need to try the first books to really know what is happening. Yet I enjoyed the characters of Ishmael and Balthazar and I’m curious to learn more about them.

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