In Memories we fear by barb Hendee

Vampire Memories, Book 4

Synopsis:  London’s calling.
There’s a new vampire in town.

Eleisha Clevon lives a quiet life in Portland, Oregon — for a vampire. She has learned to feed without killing humans and to train others of her kind. Along with her protector, Philip Branté, and their human companion, Wade Sheffield, she seeks out other vampires to offer them a community and to show them they do not have to exist alone.

Now, a series of killings in England point to a new — and feral — vampire. Eleisha, Philip, and Wade travel to London to make contact with the terrified creature, to offer him sanctuary and stop the bloodshed. But the vampire they find is not what they expected. Maxim is centuries old, with no memory of living anywhere besides the forest and feeding on animals. Now, he’s gained a taste for human blood. Philip thinks he’s too dangerous to save, but Eleisha won’t give up… even at the cost of Philip’s love and her own life.

Review: While receiving the fifth book in the series I thought it was time to get into the fourth. It had been years since I had not plunged into this series, and I admit I forgot a lot of things from the first three volumes. It was still a great pleasure to find the characters that I had discovered earlier, even if it is true that I really do not remember them all. The book is a quick read, it only took me two hours from start to end, but I must say that it is not very long either.

We thus find that our dear Eleisha is determined to find some new vampires to help them. So when they discover the presence of a vampire become completely wild around London, it does not take more for our small group to rush there. But this vampire is even more dangerous than they might have thought, and when our heroine is determined to save him, Philip is determined to kill him as quickly as possible.

Eleisha is looking for love. She cares a lot for Philip and him for her. They both try to change to please the other and it seems to work although they are a little too naive (or I think so). But our vampire wants more and although she tries to make Philip understand, nothing seems to really work. It is just sad that she does not realize that Wade is also there and that he only waits for a single gesture from her. But we know, from the beginning, that whatever happens, Eleisha is obsessed with his mentor and she would do anything to make him happy. Philip will change a lot in this novel, realizing that not everything is granted and that he must act in certain circumstances. He did not think that his protégé might betray him in some way, and even if it is difficult for Eleisha, she will do what is best, especially when it comes to her mission. It was quite interesting to see them evolve both but it is true that we wonder if it is a relationship that can really last. Everything seems to be linked by a single wire, ready to break at any moment. Our two heroes are very different the one from the other. While one is brave, naive, determined and patient, the other is impulsive, violent, and subject to great anger.

This new novel was quite interesting and I’m curious to see how their vampire hunting will evolve, especially with the newcomer. But remains in the shadows the person who does not want their plan to be a success and he is ready to do anything to stop them. Story to follow!


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